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Betting on the New England Patriots vs Kansas City Chiefs Straight-Up

Written by on January 14, 2016

When the season was at the halfway point, very few people would have predicted that the Kansas City Chiefs and the New England Patriots would be meeting in the divisional playoffs. The Patriots, then 8-0, seemed like a lock. However, the Chiefs were 3-5 and had already suffered a five-game losing streak. However, since then, the Chiefs have become the first team to have a five-game losing streak and a nine-, ten- and eleven-game winning streak in the same year. The more they win, the more they continue to make history. Can they solve the biggest challenge of the year so far, though? Click here to go to our NFL betting lines.Watch Online Here

Why should you put your money on Kansas City?

It’s not like the Chiefs ran their streak through a soft division such as the AFC South. They have beaten both Pittsburgh and Denver on their march toward the playoffs — and they knocked Peyton Manning out of their matchup in Denver. When they play the Patriots, it will be their hardest game of the 12 since they lost in Minnesota back on October 18, but it will still be a hot team coming in to face Tom Brady. The Chiefs have the #2 scoring defense in the NFL, permitting fewer than 10 points per game during their 11-game winning streak. Even though Jeremy Maclin suffered a high ankle sprain in the wild card win over Houston, the dominance that the Chiefs’ defense showed should give the Patriots pause as they prepare for this round of the postseason. Alex Smith has used his legs to augment what was already a solid resume as a game manager, and his arm has been strong and accurate during the team’s streak.

Why should you bet on the Patriots?

Tom Brady and Bill Belichick hugging.
Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are a team to watch out for.
Even though the Chiefs have won eleven straight, they have not faced a team like the Patriots during their streak. When they beat the Steelers, Landry Jones was the starting quarterback. The Patriots will have Julian Edelman back on the field, recovered from his fractured foot. The Patriots went 9-0 with him and 3-4 without him this year, and they averaged ten more points per game when he was on the field than they did after he went down to injury. Also, the Chiefs just ended an eight-game postseason losing streak, while the Patriots have a tradition of success in the playoffs. The return of Edelman and those intangibles make the Patriots a solid pick here.

Expert Pick and Final Score Prediction

The Chiefs have finally put together a solid team under Andy Reid, and their offense and defense have proven themselves through the winning streak. I like them to go into New England and hold on for a 23-20 win.