A Look at the Past 7 Super Bowl Betting Favorites

Posted by Derrick Harper on December 7, 2018 in

Almost one year ago, the Patriots entered as Super Bowl Betting favorites by 4 points over the Philadelphia Eagles. Now, we know the outcome, the Eagles took the trophy, but it took a series of unlikely events to do so. Nick Foles was a few plays away from retirement, but instead, he became the Super Bowl MVP. Plus, when have the Patriots not delivered in a playoff game before? Okay, Okay, Giants fans, that’s enough, but seriously, aside from the two games against the Giants, the Patriots have delivered so their odds were justified, just not delivered.

Before that, guess who was the favorite. New England again was the odds favorite, this time against the Falcons in Super Bowl LI. They nearly lost that game too. Remember, 28 – 3. It was all but finished, but the Patriots lived up to their three-point favor. The team ended up winning the contest 34 – 28 and of course, they covered. Who would have doubted the Patriots? NFL Betting enthusiasts all over the country were at their wits end through this roller coaster ride of a game.

A Look at the Past 7 Super Bowl Betting Favorites

Cam Newton Time

Carolina was a five-point favorite in their most recent Super Bowl. Most of the bias came from the inability of an aging Peyton Manning to throw the ball downfield. Carolina had a stout defense and Cam Newton was having a stellar year to that point. Well, long story short, Peyton wasn’t much of a difference maker in the game, but he did enough to keep his team in it. Of course, they covered the spread and won the game 24 – 10. Super Bowl 50 was a great “ride off into the sunset” for one of the game’s greats.

Patriots Familiar Territory

New England was once again a favorite in Super Bowl 49. This time, they were a one-point favorite over the Seattle Seahawks. This was the Malcolm Butler game in which a last-minute interception on the goal line sealed the deal. Vegas was sweating through their shorts on this one. New England ended up covering the spread and won 28 – 24.

Broncos in the Title Game

Denver was a favorite in their first Super Bowl appearance since John Elway left as a player. They were two and a half point favorites against the Seahawks. This was a bit of a coming out party for the Hawks as they easily covered the spread and clobbered the Broncos 43 – 8. This has to be one of the most lopsided events in Vegas betting history for major sports.


San Francisco came in as the favorite by 4 points in the Har-bowl, the battle between John of the Ravens and Jim of the Niners. Both Harbaugh brothers were known for strong defensive play and good fundamentals.

The Ravens were Super Bowl Betting favorites against the 49ers.

John is now known for proving bettors wrong along. The Ravens upset the Niners and took their rings too by a score of 34 – 31, even if they did have the lights turned out on them!

Ho Hum

The Patriots were once again in the Super Bowl and once again favored. This time they were favored by three points over the Giants. New York had already spoiled their fun once. Now it was time for revenge. Tom Coughlan had different ideas. He defeated Bill Belichick once again, this time by a score of 21 – 17.