NFL Betting: Passing Yards, Rushing & Receiving Odds Analysis

NFL Betting: Passing Yards, Rushing & Receiving Odds Analysis

Written by on July 27, 2021

As NFL training camps are starting to open, more and more fans are eager for the football season to start. As sports gambling is becoming legal in many states, the betting public is always looking to make an easy buck. Player prop bets are becoming very popular to bet on. Everyone loves to take a chance on whether or not their favorite team’s quarterback will throw for more or less than 4,000 yards. Let’s take a look at some NFL Player prop bets that we think could win you some money.

A Look at the NFL Odds for Passing Yards, Rushing and Receiving

Passing Yards

No quarterback has been scrutinized more over the past few years than Carson Wentz. Wentz has fought injury issues, along with some ineffectiveness. Wentz was able to get out of Philadelphia, and will now be the starting quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts. Colts head coach Frank Reich was the offensive coordinator during Wentz’s successful run in Philadelphia. 

Wentz’s over/under for passing yards this season is 3,750.5. We like the under on this one. Indy’s receiving corps isn’t real strong, plus they have one of the best offensive lines in the NFL. Reich will look to run the ball and limit Wentz’s passing attempts.

Dak Prescott is back under center for the Dallas Cowboys this season. He has a loaded arsenal of weapons. His over/under is 4850.5. While that may seem like a very high amount of yards, Mike McCarthy loves to throw the ball. With CeeDee Lamb, Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup, and a slimmed-down Zeke Elliott, we think that Prescott throws for over 5000 yards.

Rushing Yards

Speaking of Zeke Elliott, he has gotten into the best condition of his career. After a horrible season in 2020, Elliott committed to getting slimmer and faster. Even though he has gotten into better shape, we’re still not sure how good Dallas’s offensive line will be. Elliott’s rushing total has been set at 1105.5 yards. Even though he’s looking great, Dak Prescott and the passing game will take center stage. Take the under on this one.

Receiving Yards

The trade of the year was made when Julio Jones was granted his wish of getting out of Atlanta and was acquired by the Tennessee Titans. With a declining Matt Ryan in Atlanta, Jones now goes to play with AJ Brown and Ryan Tannehill. While Tannehill struggled early in his career in Miami, the move to Tennessee has rejuvenated his career. With teams keying on stopping arguably the best running back in the game in Derrick Henry, and having Brown on the other side, this should lead to great things for Jones.

His yardage number has been set at 1000.5 yards. Brown will have a very good year, but Jones will have a great year. We think that he stays healthy this season and puts up some huge receiving numbers. Tannehill will be just what Jones needs, and he should catch at least 1100 yards worth of passes. We think the over on this one will earn you some big cash!