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Optimal Handicapping Betting Strategy for NFL Week 1

Written by on June 26, 2016

The start of each NFL season is probably the most anticipated week in sports every year. Sports bettors from all over the world love to bet on the NFL. Week 1 brings a lot of uncertainty for many of the teams. Who will start the season sharp? Who will be rusty out of the gates? How will the new draft picks fit in? And on and on. Betting on week 1 of the NFL season is a must for any serious handicapper. You have months and months to prepare and strategize for the opening weekend of games. But, what strategy are you using? Continue reading as we look at some tips to ensure you are well prepared to win some NFL betting week 1 money.

Let’s Review An Optimal Handicapping Betting Strategy for NFL Week 1

Be Selective With Game Selection

One of the biggest mistakes sports bettors make in week 1 is they bet on every single game. It’s been a long offseason and it’s easy to get overly excited for that opening Sunday of NFL games. Many bettors will crave the action and bet on more games than their bankroll can handle. This is a mistake. Be selective in week 1. You have all season to make money. Only bet on games and teams you feel confident about.

Blank Slate for Every Team

One of the beautiful things about week 1 of the NFL season is every team is 0-0! They all have the same exact record and same chance of making the postseason. From a betting perspective, this is important because every team and player will be out to prove who they are. You know that you will get the best effort from teams and nobody should be “resting” week 1. It erases a little bit of that question mark that you experience later in the season surrounding which teams are “playing for something”. In week 1 — every team is playing for something.

Study the Line Moves

The linesmakers at sportsbooks like MyBookie are smart people. They adjust the odds for a reason. Week 1 is one of the most important weeks to watch the line moves. Why? Because there is so much time between the time the lines are opened and the time a game is played. Lines come out as early as June with week 1 games not taking place until September. Four months of “line moves” is data you should not ignore when betting on week 1 of the NFL season. Get up to $1000 SU Bonus today!

Know the Newcomers

Before you place those week 1 bets, make sure you know the offseason moves and transactions that could affect the outcomes of games. Who was traded? Who did the teams acquire? Which players made great strides in the offseason and may see more time this season. Understanding the dynamics of the newcomers and how they will change how a team plays is crucial. If you can get a good pulse on this, before the “world” does — you can make some money during week 1 of the NFL. So there you have… Four tips to betting on week 1 of the NFL. MyBookie has week 1 lines already released so head out there and take a look at the odds. Good luck with your week 1 NFL betting this season!