Optimal Handicapping Odds Strategy for NFL Final Week

Optimal Handicapping Odds Strategy for NFL Final Week

Written by on June 26, 2016

If you are still betting on the NFL when week 17 rolls around, you have to consider it a successful season! But how does NFL betting on week 17 differ from betting on the early weeks in the NFL? The answer is MANY WAYS! Let’s take a look at a few betting tips and strategies for betting on the final week of the NFL season. There are four different scenarios that teams find themselves in as week 17 rolls around. Each situation garners a slightly different thought process when betting on that team. Let’s investigate a bit further.

Here’s an Insider’s Look at the Optimal Handicapping Betting Strategy for NFL Final Week

Teams Eliminated From Playoffs

Many of the teams have been “eliminated” from the playoff picture as week 17 rolls around. These teams are often times playing rookies, second stringers and backup players to get a good look at them for the next year. Many times, these teams are NOT giving their best effort for a full game. This may be an opportunity to bet against a team eliminated. Especially if that team is playing a team still playing for something.

Teams In the Playoffs But Fighting for a Seed

The ultimate goal for teams is to make the playoffs. But, once a team is in the playoffs, that seed can be the next most important thing. A higher seed often times means the difference between a home and away game in the Playoffs. These teams are typically still fighting and playing their first team the entire game. They want to win the game! These are some of my favorite teams to bet on in week 17. They are often times some of the best teams in the league that are still playing for something!

Teams In the Playoffs And Locked Into a Seed

On the other hand, some playoff teams have already locked in their seed by week 17. These teams are now in “rest mode”. They can afford to lose this game so they are more apt to rest starters and get everyone healthy for the playoffs. A loss means NOTHING to them. These are good teams to fade when betting on week 17.

Teams Fighting to Make the Playoffs

Some of the best teams to bet on in the final week of the NFL regular season are the teams that are still fighting to make the playoffs. A win in week 17 can mean they are IN! These teams will do anything and everything to get that win. Betting on these teams in this situation is a good idea most times! Keep in mind, the oddsmakers are smart and they do adjust the odds based on the situation each team finds itself in. But if you do your homework and understand the position of each team, you can make smarter bets come the final week of the NFL season.