Odds on NFC Team Winning the Super Bowl LIII

Posted by Derrick Harper on January 22, 2019 in

Just a few days after the most exciting day in professional football, we find the Rams are the underdogs to win the Super Bowl LIII. Perhaps it’s the fact that the Patriots have been there and the Rams have not, but who can blame the masses for favoring the Patriots? Maybe it’s their pedigree, perhaps it’s their coach, perhaps it’s their quarterback, but whatever it is or may be, the Patriots have captivated viewers and more importantly, NFL Betting enthusiasts to this point. However, one thing rings true, the nation loves to cheer for the underdog, especially when the underdog is playing Tom Brady.

Odds on NFC Team Winning the Super Bowl LIII

Rams Coming off Thriller

Despite likely proving he is the greatest of all time, most people can’t stand the guy. This bet for the underdog would be just as much about who it is against as who it is for. Brady has shown to have flaws this season. If not for a blatant neutral zone infraction, Tom Terrific would have thrown three interceptions against the Chiefs, who posted one of the worst defenses all season long outside of their excellent sack numbers.

The Rams are a much more complete defense and can rattle a quarterback by getting pressure while only bringing three or four men, coverage sacks, and of course, they can bring pressure with complicated blitz packages. They have playmakers at all levels of the defense, none more important than Aaron Donald.

How to Beat the Patriots

Pressure up the middle is exactly what Brady does NOT want to see. For an immobile quarterback who relies on stepping up into the pocket as pressure approaches from the sides, he will have nowhere to go if Suh and Donald land their rushes. Not to mention, the Rams play a similar game on offense with their short crossing routes, and passing combinations that flood zone coverage areas.

They design pass plays based n the completion rate they will return. Rollouts and bootlegs and play-action passes all feature a higher rate of completion than deep crosses, fade, or go routes. Sean McVey is an offensive mastermind that understands route combinations, timing routes, and zone running like few in the league know one discipline.

The Rams are underdogs for Super Bowl LIII.

The last thing of note here is that the Rams aren’t much of an underdog at all, represented by the 2 points in the spread and the +125 betting odds, but those marks will likely change as the weeks go on and the big game draws nearer. My guess is that the spread will widen and so too will the betting odds.

America will be cheering for the Rams because, well, they are not the Patriots. Thee may not be a more polarizing team in sports right now than the dynasty that is the New England Patriots.

Tough Bet on Super Bowl LIII

This will be a tough game to bet with the experience of the Patriots pitted against the youth of the Rams. Todd Gurley has had several seasons now that make him worthy of MVP consideration, but what Brady is doing and at his age, wow, it’s impressive. Another storyline to watch here is Brandin Cooks. He played for Belichick, knows the offensive system, the rub routes, the tendencies, and how the opposition prepares. That might be a major head start for the Rams in this one.