Are the Seahawks a safe bet in NFL odds?

NFC Betting Odds to Win Super Bowl 50

Written by on January 8, 2016

In the NFC, there are three teams (Arizona, Seattle and Carolina) that are viewed as Super Bowl betting favorites to make it to the Super Bowl and claim the Lombardi Trophy, and there are three others (Green Bay, Minnesota and Washington) that are viewed as having virtually no chance. Let’s take a look at all three of their comparative odds.

Super Bowl 50 Odds: Arizona

The Arizona Cardinals (+450) have a bye in the first round. However, a lot of bettors are remembering the thumping they took from the Seattle Seahawks in Week 17. While the Seahawks did dominate that game, it was clear from the outset that the Cardinals’ intensity was fairly low — and after the game coach Bruce Arians revealed that he had planned to rest Carson Palmer in the second half no matter what. The Cardinals destroyed Green Bay, knocked off Minnesota and beat Seattle on the road earlier in the season. They could also give the Patriots fits in the Super Bowl, which is why they are the favorite.

Super Bowl 50 Odds: Seattle

The Seattle Seahawks (+550) are a bettors’ darling right now, for several reasons. They finished well down the stretch despite a Week 16 setback against the hapless St. Louis Rams. Marshawn Lynch is set to return to the field for the wild card round, rested and recovered from his injuries. Even though tight end Jimmy Graham will not be available for the postseason, the Seahawks have found a new gear in their passing game — and the Legion of Boom will be intact, as Kam Chancellor is returning from his injury. This is a team that could roll all the way to a title.

Super Bowl 50 Odds: Carolina

The Carolina Panthers (+475) do have the league’s best record at 15-1. However, they probably had the softest division competition except for the AFC South, and there won’t be any cream puffs waiting for them in the divisional round. Cam Newton deserves to be the league’s MVP on the basis of his breakout season throwing the ball and his league-leading rushing stats as a quarterback. The defense is underrated, with Luke Kuechly leading a wrecking crew that has stifled offenses all year long. They did let up a little bit in the last three weeks, almost blowing a 28-point lead to the Giants and losing to the Falcons before saving face with a Week 17 victory.
Cam Newton deserves to be named MVP.
Carolina’s Cam Newton deserves to be named MVP.

Super Bowl 50 Odds: Green Bay

The Green Bay Packers (+2200) started the season as the favorite in the NFC to go to the Super Bowl, but they dropped six of their last 10 down the stretch, losing the NFC North title to the Minnesota Vikings in Week 17. That loss actually may have helped their chances in the wild card round, as they get to travel to Washington instead of hosting the Seahawks, but the holes in their offensive line, the loss of Jordy Nelson and a rash of other injuries has made them vulnerable.

Super Bowl 50 Odds: Minnesota

The Minnesota Vikings (+2800) did win the NFC North, but they have the lowest-rated quarterback in the NFC playoffs in Teddy Bridgewater. If they can knock off the visiting Seahawks in the wild card round, their odds will improve dramatically, but many bettors view this game as a huge task.

Super Bowl 50 Odds: Washington

The Washington Redskins (+4000) did finish with a four-game winning streak to claim the NFC East, and quarterback Kirk Cousins did win the NFC Offensive Player of the Week award twice. However, the Redskins have not garnered much respect from the betting public or the sports world, winning a division that contained the wildly inconsistent Giants and Eagles, and the dreadful Cowboys.