New England Patriots Super Bowl 51 Odds

Posted by Peter Boysen on January 24, 2017 in

And then there were two – the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots have advanced to the Super Bowl, Atlanta for the second time and New England for an NFL-best ninth time. The Patriots demolished the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Championship to make it onto the league’s biggest stage – but what can they do against an Atlanta offense that appears just about unstoppable? New England goes in favored by three points – let’s evaluate their Super Bowl odds.

New England Patriots Super Bowl 51 Odds

Rob Who?

There was a time when the New England offense seemed to start and end with tight end Rob Gronkowski. However, he has gone through some scary injuries this year – a punctured lung that he suffered against the Seattle Seahawks, and some back injuries that required season-ending surgery. Did that stop the Patriots’ offense? No way – the other tight end, Martellus Bennett, has stepped up. Wide receiver Julian Edelman has emerged to take a larger role in the offense. Dion Lewis became the first player ever to score touchdowns via a rushing carry, a pass reception and a kick return in a postseason game when the Patriots beat Houston in the divisional round of the playoffs. Bill Belichick has found a way to generate new offense out of the players that he has on his roster, which makes them scary in the playoffs.

No one works harder than Bill Belichick

There isn’t a coach in the NFL that does more to prepare for each game than Bill Belichick. There are times when this has led him to push the ethical envelope, but it also means that he can deliver a winning team no matter who is on the field. This team went 3-1 starting Jimmy Garoppolo and Jacoby Brissett at quarterback while the starting quarterback, Tom Brady, was serving a four-game suspension. Belichick got 11 wins during his foreshortened coaching stint in Cleveland and took that team to the playoffs. That was back in 1994. Since then, the Browns have only hit double digits once in wins, back in 2007. If you take the team’s wins in the 2014, 2015 and 2016 seasons combined, you only get to 11. Total. So this is a coach that will make sure that, in two weeks, he has the best possible plan to stop the Falcons.

New England is still an angry place

No, we’re not talking about the recent election of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States, although the millions of women (and their supporters) marching all over the planet the day after his inauguration might suggest that there’s plenty of wrath stemming from that. This is anger that comes from the center of Boston but also the outlying expanses in Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire, because the Patriots had finally given that part of the country a reliable sports franchise. The Boston Red Sox had gone almost a century without winning a World Series before winning three, but they are still up and down. The Celtics had been a title machine back when the NBA was smaller and more predictable, but Chicago, then Miami and now Cleveland have taken away their domination of the Eastern Conference. But the Patriots contend, year in and year out – and the NFL looked like they wanted to take this away with the DeflateGate suspension, and the region is angry. If you wonder why Belichick, Brady and the rest of the Pats have such a gargantuan chip on their shoulder, they carry the wrath of a whole part of the country.