Must Bet Games for NFL Preseason Week 2

Posted by Peter Boysen on August 14, 2016 in

The first week of preseason play for the 2016 NFL preseason brought some interesting facts out for everyone to see. Dak Prescott wowed fans in Dallas, throwing two touchdown passes in the first half, and the Cowboy pass rush looked better than people thought, making Rams quarterback Jared Goff run for his life on multiple occasions. The Eagles lost rookie quarterback Carson Wentz for the foreseeable future, as he fractured a rib in the preseason’s first game, leaving the offense in the hands of Sam Bradford. As we move to Week 2, and teams keep working out the kinks on both sides of the ball, here is some NFL betting you should consider.

Must Bet Games for NFL Preseason Week 2

New England over Chicago (Thursday, August 18)

I think you can expect to see some Tom Brady in this game, as Bill Belichick wants to keep him fresh and ready to go once that four-game regular season suspension comes to an end. The Patriots will enjoy throwing the ball down the field against a Bears secondary that tended to give up big plays last year and will be trying out some new pieces. The Bears should be able to manage the Patriots’ running game, as New England doesn’t believe in bringing in big talent at the tailback position and Chicago has a strong front seven, but the Pats should prevail.

Cleveland over Atlanta (Thursday, August 18)

The Browns should keep giving Robert Griffin III more time at quarterback than most starters get, as he accustoms himself to the routines of leading a team once again. He did have a pick in Week 1, but he looked poised in the backfield and made some solid reads as well. The Browns have a surprisingly strong defense, and as the Falcons keep shopping for the pieces that are going to fit together, the Browns have a real shot at sneaking out with this preseason win.

Miami over Dallas (Friday, August 19)

Did you watch the Cowboys in Week 1? Yes, they were up 24-7 at halftime…and then they lost 28-24. They have virtually no defensive depth, and they have shown over the past few years that they don’t really care about whether they win preseason games or not. For them, the important part of the game had them winning big, and then they did some mixing and matching after intermission, giving the Rams time to drive up and down the field. I don’t think their approach at home will be any different, and I like the Dolphins to take advantage and use the battle of the reserves to pull out another win.


N.Y. Jets over Washington (Friday, August 19)

The Jets need to take a strong look at their #2 and #3 quarterbacks — Geno Smith and Bryce Petty — and determine which one will back up Ryan Fitzpatrick, and which one to send packing in a trade. This should mean some determined Jet offense through the majority of the game, and while the Redskins should feature some Kirk Cousins, the QB battle isn’t as spirited in Washington, so you’ll probably see some more mixing and matching for the Redskins instead of intense competition. I like the Jets to prevail in this one.