Indianapolis Colts NFL Odds After Free Agency Week 1

Posted by Derrick Harper on March 25, 2020 in

The Indianapolis Colts have had an interesting offseason so far. In an offseason that has been strange for all 32 teams in the National Football League, the Colts have made a change at quarterback to highlight their first week of free agency. Let’s take a look at the Indianapolis Colts NFL Odds and Super Bowl Odds after Free Agency Week 1.

Indianapolis Colts Odds After Free Agency Week 1

Free Agency News

The biggest news the Indianapolis Colts made this off-season so far was the addition of Phillip Rivers. The veteran quarterback was pondering retirement, but likes his decision to head to Indianapolis.  The next move that General Manager Chris Ballard made was trading a first round draft pick for stud defensive tackle DeForest Buckner. Shoring up the defense, while improving the signal caller is not a bad way to start the free agency period.

And really before any of the big news happened, the Colts signed Anthony Castonzo to a two year contract making him the highest paid left tackle in the league. It is well worth it, especially if he remains healthy for the span of his contract.

Colts Betting Odds

While the Colts are certainly not a favorite by any means to win the Super Bowl, their odds did go up. When Jacoby Brissett was listed as the starting quarterback, the Colts were listed at +3500 to win the Super Bowl. Now, with Phillip Rivers, Indianapolis sits at +2800 to win it all.

The Colts are +1400 to win the AFC this season. That ranks tied with the Buffalo Bills for 5th in the AFC, and is ahead of the Tennessee Titans. That is a little surprising just with the addition of Rivers to the squad.

There are plenty of places to find win totals for the 2020 season, but the latest is showing that the Indianapolis Colts are listed at 8.5 wins. That’s going to be a tough task with all the teams in the AFC South improving, and being a tough opponent. The Tennessee Titans came into their own, the Houston Texans won the division, and Jacksonville still remains a wildcard. There is going to be a big time dog fight at the top of the AFC South. 8.5 wins seems like a pretty accurate number for the Colts win total. Fortunately, for the Colts – they will get to play a last place schedule. In 2020 – the Colts get a chance to take on the Browns and the Jets, along with their NFC and AFC North opponents.

There is the latest look at the Indianapolis Colts Betting Odds after Free Agency Week 1. Check back with us later in the month and closer to the start of the season to see the updated betting odds. Enjoy the offseason and good luck!