Giants vs 49ers NFL Week 10 Odds & Pick for Monday Night

Posted by Derrick Harper on November 9, 2018 in

Two of the most storied franchises in the NFL’s NFC conference, the Giants and 49ers meet up for the week 10 finale on Monday night. Both teams entered this league with a little buzz, but both have since settled into disappointing records at 1-7 and 2-7. It is likely that one team will win Giants vs 49ers contest so look for one of the two to gain some traction towards their second-half push.

Currently, the NFL spread is set at 3 points. The Giants will be the road dog, if only because they are on the road. Both teams have dynamic, offensive-minded coaches, but not much for talent on the roster. This is probably a good call on the part of the oddsmakers.

The Niners recently took the tiebreaker in recent matchups with a 31 – 21 victory over the Giants exactly one year before their match-up set for Monday. Before that, the Giants took a close game in 2015 by a score of 30 – 27. To get the third game in the sample, I had to dig back to 2014 in which San Francisco defeated New York 16 -10.

Giants vs 49ers NFL Week 10 Odds & Pick for Monday Night

Barkley Living Good Life

The Giants never thought they would be where they are when drafting Saquon Barkley second overall, but to this point in the season, the Giants have the second worst rushing attack in the league. Eli manning has had to try to pass his way to victory and has done his best, but even the 9th best passing attack in the league doesn’t count for much when you are the Giants. Their combined offensive yardage is still 20th in the league. Their defense doesn’t impress much either, sitting at 21st overall.

San Francisco Offense Still Moving

The 49ers have done well to maintain a strong rushing attack, fielding the 4th best yardage in the NFL by way of carrying the ball. Passing has been a struggle, especially since jimmy Garoppolo went down with a season ending injury.

The team finds themselves with the 25th best, or 7th worst passing attack in the league. Defense has been average for San Fran, netting the 15th fewest yards against them.

Latest News

The 49ers are hoping they may have caught lightning in a bottle in now starting quarterback, Nick Mullens. The team also surprised many by passing on Ameer Abdullah when his name came up on available waivers.

Giants vs 49ers NFL Week 10 Odds & Pick for Monday Night.

The Giants, though, their news has been surrounding how they can improve their rushing attack and better equip Saquon Barkley for big outings. The recently signed Jamon Brown, a guard who previously blocked for Todd Gurley. Add him to the mix of Hernandez, Solder and others and you have a mix of signings that are not familiar with one another blocking for a rookie.

Giants vs 49ers Final Prediction

I’d guess that the Niners will find a way to win. As long as they can shut down Barkley and Odell Beckham Jr., they should have a good chance of controlling the clock with the run and also keeping the opposing defense under pressure and winded. We will take them to win and to cover. We will say a score of 21 – 17 sounds good.