NFL Betting: Jets Land on Pats Territory for Divisional Battle

Posted by Aaron . on October 21, 2015 in

The New York Jets stand at 4-1 after Week 6, just a game behind the defending world champion New England Patriots. In Week 7, they have a chance to go into New England and come out tied for the division lead. If you watched the Jets take apart Washington in Week 6, you might be optimistic about their chances.

After all, Jet quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick was zipping the ball all over the field, stacking up completions. He threw to Eric Decker for a score. Brandon Marshall had another terrific game. The suddenly mighty Jet offensive line, with D’Brickashaw Ferguson as the keystone, is making Chris Ivory look amazing.

New York Jets vs New England Patriots

Date/Time: Sunday, October 25, 1:00 PM
Location: Gillette Stadium, Foxborough, Massachusetts
Opening NFL Betting Odds: -9

So what will happen now during Patriots Week in New York City? When Rex Ryan was at the helm of the Jets, this week would be filled with all sorts of trash talk from Gotham. The Patriots wouldn’t really bother to respond because they were in control of the division and the Jets just about every year.

This year, the Jets come to town with a better record than most of Ryan’s teams had when he was in New York. As new coach Todd Bowles puts it, though, this is just another date on the schedule. He told the New York Times, “We have a chance to be a decent team. We’ll enjoy today and correct the mistake tomorrow. We have Game 6 against New England, and we’ll play Game 6.”

NY Jets

However, no one thinks that this really just one more game. The Patriots have been tough all year, and this is a good chance for the Jets to see where they stand against the elite of the division. That’s particularly true this year, since the Patriots have the league’s #1 offense, while the Jets have the #2 defense in the league.

For Fitzpatrick, who has been with Buffalo in the past, and Marshall, who used to be a Dolphin, playing against the Patriots already stirs up a bevy of memories. When Marshall was a Dolphin in 2010, New England brought a pair of whippings to Miami, 41-14 and 38-7. Marshall did not make it into the end zone. The next year, Miami also lost both games to the Patriots, and Marshall only had one touchdown in the two games.

NE Patriots

Fitzpatrick started in 2009 for Buffalo against the Patriots and lost, 17-10. He lost two times to New England in 2010. In 2011, he finally earned his first win against the Pats but split the series. In 2012, he was swept once again.

In the rivalry between the Jets and the Patriots, the games have always been close. However, winning is the most important thing, not the margin of the victory of the loss. The Jets can compete if they stick to their game plan instead of letting the Patriots get into their heads. As the legacy of Rex Ryan shows, though, that is a lot harder to do than it is to commit to do. If the Jets can win in Foxborough, though, they will show that they are ready to contend.