Five NFL Betting Props You Should Consider this Season

Posted by Aaron . on May 25, 2016 in

In addition to betting on lines for individual games, sometimes online betting props can bring you money that you weren’t expecting, particularly if you have a hunch or some inside research that gives you an edge. Let’s take a look at some of the more exciting props that you can bet on so far for the upcoming NFL season.

Five NFL Betting Props You Should Consider this Season



Super Bowl Winners: AFC (-120) vs NFC (Even)

Right now, the AFC is favored to win the Super Bowl (you have to put down $120 to win $100, while if you bet on the NFC you only have to put down $100 to win that same amount). I’m wondering why they would do this, though. I don’t see Mark Sanchez leading the Broncos back to the promised land. Now the Patriots are facing Tom Brady’s five-game suspension AGAIN, thanks to the court system. Cincinnati imploded under the force of their own collective stupidity and could not beat a one-armed quarterback (and it wasn’t the right arm). Pittsburgh has a Swiss-cheese passing offense. If your two best teams are the Patriots and the Steelers, it’s hard to see either of them being a favorite against Seattle, Carolina, Arizona, Green Bay or Dallas. So I would definitely take the NFC on this.

Starts in 2016 by Carson Wentz: Over/Under 3.5

Who else do the Eagles have at quarterback? Sam Bradford? Sure, he started playing a little better down the stretch, but if you don’t think the Eagles will try Wentz if they are sitting at 4-8 with four games to go you are crazy. Luckily for Bradford, the Eagles are in a division in which the Giants, Redskins and Cowboys all have big questions to answer. The Giants and Cowboys haven’t shown that they have a credible defense, and the Redskins need to show they can keep that lightning in the bottle. I’d take the under on this.

Rushing Yards in 2016 by Derrick Henry: Over/Under 600

Yes, he won the Heisman. So did Barry Sanders, and in 1990 he entered the NFL and picked up 1,470 yards. However, Mark Ingram Jr. (2011) only gained 474 yards, while Reggie Bush (2005) only picked up 565. This isn’t the era of Ron Dayne (2000 — 770 yards), because the NFL has become much more of a passing game. Henry will be in the same backfield as DeMarco Murray, so I look for this to go under.

Rushing Yards in 2016 by Ezekiel Elliott: Over/Under 900

I know that Jerry Jones is already measuring the spacing for Elliott’s slot in the Ring of Honor at AT&T Stadium, but remember how poorly running backs drafted in the first five choices tend to do. Check out these names: Trent Richardson, Darren McFadden, Reggie Bush, Ronnie Brown, Cedric Benson and Cadillac Williams. There are a lot of busts — about three busts for every star that gets drafted that high at that position. However, if Darren McFadden could run for 1,089 behind that mammoth Cowboy line, I still like Elliott with the over.

New England to Win Super Bowl LI: 7-1

Sure, the Patriots will have Tom Brady after his suspension, but is that good enough to come out of the AFC? Maybe — no one else in the conference is particularly exciting. However, they will hit a wall in the Super Bowl — if their defense doesn’t give them away earlier in the playoffs. I’d pick someone else — maybe Green Bay at 10-1 or, just for fun, Washington at 40-1. After all, betting props is supposed to be fun!