Early 2017 NFC Betting Predictions

Posted by Aaron . on May 19, 2017 in

The 2017 NFL draft has come and gone, but there’s still a while to go before OTAs and training camp begin. Even so, it’s time to start taking a look at which teams in the NFC will be worth your while when it comes to win-loss betting totals or other futures, such as division titles and playoff positions. Check out some of our NFL betting insights about these teams in the NFC.

Early 2017 NFC Betting Predictions

Atlanta Falcons

Will the Falcons come back from that awful collapse in Super Bowl LI and win the NFC South again? Or will they do what the Carolina Panthers did and fall off the table the next season? That has a lot to do with their mentality, because they have pretty much the same roster — and it was a talented one. They extended cornerback Desmond Trufant, and they picked up nose tackle Dontari Poe to bolster a front seven that was already solid. Their offense still has Matt Ryan at quarterback and Julio Jones at wide receiver, with Devonta Freeman carrying the ball.

I see Carolina improving, though, and I see Tampa Bay emerging as more of a threat in the division. New Orleans hasn’t done much to improve their defense, but they can score with anyone. Given the mental hangover that comes with what the Falcons went through, though, and given that they have some tough games outside the division (at New England in Week 7 and at home vs Dallas in Week 10, for example), I see them topping out at 10-6.

Dallas Cowboys

Despite the fact that Dallas won the NFC East with a 13-3 record, their defense was largely held together by duct tape and motivational speeches, as they showed when Green Bay ran out to a lead that the talented Dallas offense simply could not erase in the second half of their divisional playoff game.

So how did Dallas respond? They let most of the skill players on defense walk out the door via free agency: safeties J.J. Wilcox and Barry Church; defensive tackle Terrell McClain; and cornerbacks Mo Claiborne and Brandon Carr. Then they went out and got absolutely no one on defense in free agency, hoping that the draft would solve all of their problems. Anthony Brown will start at one corner, and he showed some promise last year. But a team that got torched too often last year will get torched even more this year. I see the Cowboys topping out at 10-6 as well.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers almost climbed into the playoffs last year — and now Jameis Winston has someone to throw the ball to, since Tampa Bay signed speedy wideout DeSean Jackson. They also picked up safety J.J. Wilcox and defensive end Chris Baker, which will definitely turn up the volume on their hitting this season. Jackson will join Adam Humphries and Mike Evans in what is now a decent wide receiving corps. I see them making a one-game improvement from last year, going from 9-7 to 10-6 and giving the Falcons a real run for their money, perhaps even winning the tiebreaker for the NFC South title.