Early 2016 AFC North NFL Betting Prediction

Posted by Aaron . on May 13, 2016 in

The Pittsburgh Steelers are expected to be the class of the AFC North in the 2016-17 NFL lines. The Cincinnati Bengals are expected to do well in the regular season, and then fail in the postseason as usual. The Baltimore Ravens are expected to improve from their dismal showing in 2015. The Cleveland Browns, well, nothing but doom and disappointed is expected of them by the betting public. But are these expectations going to hold true, or the AFC North be riddled with upsets, surprises and injuries like last season? Read on for our early 2016 AFC North NFL betting predictions below.

Early 2016 AFC North NFL Betting Prediction



Pittsburgh Steelers (+120 Odds to Win AFC North)

Predicted Finish: 12-4, OVER 10.5 in Season Totals

Forget about the Bengals and their regular-season success, the Steelers will be the real deal in the upcoming season. QB Ben Roethlisberger is a proven talent, Antonio Brown is a beast and Le’Veon Bell will be back in the new season. Combine that with the improving Pittsburgh O and D lines that look to get better from solid draft and free agent investments, Pittsburgh should cruise to a double-digit win season and an AFC North title, assuming the team will keep its starters healthy.

Cincinnati Bengals +140

Predicted Finish: 10-6, OVER 9.5 in Season Totals

The Bengals have been a model for regular season success in recent years with two regular season titles in the last three years, so it comes as no surprise that Cincy is expected to challenge Pittsburgh for the AFC North title. The problem, however, is that Cincinnati will be facing a brutal schedule from the AFC East and NFC East, and the Bengals won’t be having it easy in the division games as they did last year when the Steelers and Ravens were challenged with shaky form and injuries. With that, Cincinnati is likely to narrowly miss out on the AFC North crown in spite of probably still having a good regular season.

Baltimore Ravens +350

Predicted Finish: 8-8, UNDER 8.5 in Season Totals

Excuses about Joe Flacco missing six games last season are somewhat justifiable about the Ravens finishing with a 5-11 campaign, but that doesn’t change away the fact that Flacco was never good in the first place when he was under the center. I mean, the starting QB was just 3-7 in his 10 starts, so although a bounce-back season can be expected from Baltimore; don’t put your hopes too high on this team in 2016.

Cleveland Browns +3300

Predicted Finish: 5-11, OVER 4.5 in Season Totals

Okay, this is just plain silly. Yes, the Browns had a disappointing 2015-16 season and the team is disarrayed at the quarterback position. But this is a Cleveland team that drafted a whopping 14 players at the draft, giving them an array of options to improve the squad, including rookie quarterback draft pick Cody Kessler. And that isn’t to say Robert Griffin III can’t lead the team, this is a guy that spearheaded his underwhelming team to the playoffs as a rookie. Combine all that with the fact that Cleveland is averaging five wins per year over the last 13 years, the least I expect from this Browns team is a 5-11 campaign, which should cash in as an OVER (4.5) in the regular-season totals.