Dallas Cowboys Top NFL Betting Spreads From Week 1-16

Dallas Cowboys Top NFL Betting Spreads From Week 1-16

Written by on June 21, 2016

America’s Team looks set to return with a much more potent offense last year, when Tony Romo missed the majority of the season with a pair of collarbone fractures. Now they have rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott in the fold, wide receiver Dez Bryant back with a healed foot, and Romo back with a surgically strengthened collarbone. Let’s take a look at some of their top NFL odds spreads for the 2016 campaign.

Let’s Review the Dallas Cowboys Top NFL Betting Spreads From Week 1-16

Week 2: Dallas (PK) at Washington

OK, yes, Washington did demolish Dallas in Week 17 last year. With that said, the Cowboys had nothing to play for, the game was on the road, and Washington did have an embarrassing loss to the traffic cones that Dallas was putting out there at backup quarterback (yes, Brandon Weeden, we did see how the Houston Texans would not put you in the playoff game even though Brian Hoyer through something like 22 picks to Kansas City. Will Guccifer reveal what was going on there next?), so Washington had some motivation to run some roughshod. However, with the Cowboys offense back, there’s not much that the Washington defense will be able to offer in the way of resistance. So I like the Cowboys to win and cover.

Week 4: Dallas (-3) at San Francisco

Chip Kelly likes to be known as a man with tricks up his sleeve. Well, in San Francisco his trump card is Blaine Gabbert. That did not work so well for the Niners last year, and inexplicably, Kelly opted not to keep Colin Kaepernick, a quarterback who one thinks would have fit quite well in his mobile-quarterback schemes. So when the Cowboys get off the plane in San Francisco, they’ll face a team that is not particularly good on defense and will have Gabbert at the helm on offense. I like Dallas to win and cover.

Week 10: Dallas (+6) at Pittsburgh

One of the great rivalries from the 1970s revives when the Cowboys head to the Steel City. Ben Roethlisberger was a beast to get his team into the playoffs at all last year, and it will be interesting to see how his shoulder comes back from that big injury in the postseason. The Steelers have a pretty porous secondary, which should bode well for Dallas, but the Cowboys also like to give up big plays in their passing game. So I think this will turn into a fairly close matchup. I like Pittsburgh to cover.

Week 13: Dallas (+4.5) at Minnesota

The defending NFC North champs are going to open this season in what Bill Simmons termed “EFF-YOU mode,” and so I would not want to be in their first five games or so. By Week 13, their wrath will have calmed down. But can the Cowboys defense find an answer for Teddy Bridgewater at quarterback and Adrian Peterson at tailback? I’m saying NO. So Dallas will put up some points, but the Vikings will put up more — and the Vikings have a better defense. I like Minnesota to win and cover.