2016 NFL Week 5 Betting Guide

Posted by Aaron . on July 15, 2016 in

Week 5 will be Week 1 for Tom Brady — is the rest of the NFL ready? Let’s take a look at the NFL point spreads for the week, and at a couple of matchups that seem like potential winners — at this point. You can take advantage of some misplaced lines if you feel like the oddsmakers are leaning the wrong way.

Here’s My Complete NFL Week 5 Complete Betting Guide Analysis

Thursday, October 6

  • Arizona at San Francisco (+6)

Sunday, October 9

  • New England at Cleveland (+7)
  • Philadelphia at Detroit (-1)
  • Chicago at Indianapolis (-3.5)
  • Tennessee at Miami (-5.5)
  • Washington at Baltimore (-2.5)
  • Houston at Minnesota (-6)
  • N.Y. Jets at Pittsburgh (-6)
  • Atlanta at Denver (-6.5)
  • Cincinnati at Dallas (PK)
  • Buffalo at Los Angeles (-1)
  • San Diego at Oakland (-4.5)
  • N.Y. Giants at Green Bay (-8)

Monday, October 10

  • Tampa Bay at Carolina (-10)

Cardinals @ 49ers

So where can you find some value? Let’s start with Arizona at San Francisco. Here’s some simple math. Blaine Gabbert + Arizona defense = Big win for the Cardinals. That six-point line could be a dozen, and I think I’d still take the Cardinals. Jed York and the rest of the San Francisco front office still has to be kicking themselves for letting Jim Harbaugh walk away, because Chip Kelly hasn’t shown signs of being a real wizard. When your first move is to get rid of the quarterback (Colin Kaepernick) who seems like a perfect fit for your offense, you’re not likely to be viewed as the next Lombardi anytime soon.

Redskins @ Ravens

How about Washington at Baltimore? I think the people who set this line think that Kirk Cousins is going to throw for three touchdowns in the first quarter (like he did last year in Week 17) every week, and that Joe Flacco is still injured. The Ravens are going to be back with a vengeance, and while Cousins showed himself to be a great quarterback, when he runs into a legitimate defense, he’s not going to be putting up Nintendo numbers. I like Baltimore to win and cover.

Patriots @ Browns

Then we have New England at Cleveland. I’ve been preaching the high ceiling of RGIII and how he could lead the Browns back into solid play for the first time since the Bernie Kosar era, but I’m not going to be bullish on them in Tom Brady’s Week 1. I like the Patriots to roll into Cleveland in full eff-you mode, and the Browns are going to suffer. I like the Patriots to win, and cover, and win big.

Bengals @ Cowboys

Cincinnati at Dallas is an interesting matchup. You have two quarterbacks, in Andy Dalton and Tony Romo, who have both been pilloried for their difficulty in winning the big game. You have two defenses who have a difficult time when it comes to self-discipline. With the Bengals, most of their nonsense comes on the field with stupid penalties, while the Cowboys’ defenders like to see just how good the substance abuse policy is at catching marijuana users. In this battle of two teams who chronically underperform, I like the trifecta of Romo, Dez Bryant and Ezekiel Elliott to impose their will on the Bengals — but it will be pretty close. I’m predicting a Dallas win.