Chiefs vs Broncos NFL Week 4 & Pick for Monday Night

Posted by Aaron . on September 27, 2018 in

The Chiefs don’t show any signs of slowing down and the Broncos look to be just another team to this point. Kansas City looks to be a team that will score 28 points on any given week, while the Broncos look like a team that will struggle to score that many on their best weeks. Let’s check the NFL Spread for Chiefs vs Broncos on Monday Night.

Chiefs vs Broncos NFL Week 4 & Pick for Monday Night

Rookie Quarterback

Patrick Mahomes has been absolutely electric. Everyone knows about his howitzer for a right arm, but his elusiveness and decision making is what has impressed me most. He avoids the rush very well, which will work to his favor in this one facing Von Miller and Bradley Chubb. The windows can be tighter to throw into considering the amount of time the ball is left in the air. He can get a 7 yard out route to his receiver faster than I think anyone in the league so closing speed for defensive backs is nearly irrelevant.

Did I mention the fact that they have outstanding weapons on offense in Kareem Hunt, both as a runner and receiver out of the backfield, Chris Conley, Tyreek Hill, and Sammy Watkins, as well as perhaps the best tight end in the red zone in Travis Kelce. The line has held up to this point to give them opportunities to score and Mahomes has delivered.

Broncos Still Finding Themselves

Denver on the other hand, though, seems to still be finding their place in the league. I’m not sold on their coaching staff yet. Vance Joseph was dubbed the next big defensive mastermind, but I haven’t seen it and they do still have a talented bunch on the line and at linebacker. Their front seven is above average, to say the least given that they have arguably the best pass rusher in the game right now.

Chiefs vs Broncos is going to be a great Monday Night Game.

Offensively though, they have failed to reload their aging players. Demaryius Thomas is still their primary target, but who else do they have in the supporting cast. Two rookie running backs have provided the most punch from that side of the ball, but when you need points, throwing the ball is what gets chunk plays. I don’t see enough big-play options from their passing attack and receiving corp to make up in this one. Case Keenum is a solid starter, but he needs more to work with to deliver a consistent production that leads to wins.

Expert Prediction for Chiefs vs Broncos

With the spread set at 4.5 points, I don’t see how the Broncos can keep within striking distance, even if this is a hated rivalry within the division. Those games usually hold to within a touchdown because the teams are so familiar with one another.

The Broncos haven’t seen Sammy Watkins or much tape from Patrick Mahomes either. I expect those two to have stellar performances leading to a route of their rival. The Broncos are trending downward and the Chiefs, well, their needle is pointing way up. I’ll take the Chiefs in a 35-20 victory.