Chargers vs Patriots AFC Divisional Round Lines & Prediction

Posted by Derrick Harper on January 9, 2019 in

Tom Brady finds himself in another playoff run and only a few games away from the Super Bowl once again. Philip Rivers finds himself on a team that is possibly more capable than most of the teams he has been on in his career. While Rivers is enjoying plenty of talent around him, Tom Brady is on one of the most human of the superhuman teams he’s found himself on in recent history. Both of these veterans are looking to continue playing and end their season with a win in Chargers vs Patriots set for Sunday afternoon.

The coaching edge has to go to Bill Belichick, but the running back position, the defense, and the wide receivers, well, that goes to Los Angeles. There will be a chance that the weather at Foxborough could be a factor for the Chargers though. That great equalizer could be fatal to the hopes of Chargers fans because, without the proper footing, the athletes of the Chargers will be limited to much lesser roles. The spread is currently at -5 for the Patriots and +5 for the Chargers. I’ll take the Chargers to edge past the Patriots and send Tom Brady home after just one playoff game. I can’t remember when the last time that happened was. Wait, has it ever happened?

Chargers vs Patriots AFC Divisional Round Lines & Prediction

Chargers vs. Patriots Head to Head

My prediction may be ill-advised as the pat three times the Pats have met the Bolts, they’ve emerged victorious. In fact, across the past three meetings, the Patriots have beaten the Chargers by a combined score of 79 – 48.

Keep in mind, I did have to go clear back to 2011 for those matchups. None of these games featured Joey Bosa or Derwin James, two outstanding young players on the Chargers defense that could very well break this game wide open with a critical sack or interception.

Chargers vs. Patriots Stats

The Chargers have been an offensive force all season long. Their offense comes in as the 11th best overall, but it’s their balance that really makes them a threat. They have the tenth best passing attack and the 15th best rushing game. Their defense also ranks 9th in the league. They are a truly complete team.

Chargers vs Patriots should be a close one.

The Patriots come in with the 5th best offense. They have the 5th best rushing attack and the 8th best Passing game. New England’s defense has not been nearly as productive, however, as they rank 21st in the league in defensive yards given up.

Pick and Prediction for Chargers vs Patriots

I just have a feeling about the Los Angeles Chargers this season. I think they get it done on the road and do the impossible, defeat the Patriots in their own building.

I’ll take them by a final score of 30 – 28. I think that Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram will be too much for the rather immobile Tom Brady and the defense for the Patriots won’t be able to keep up with the weapons on the Chargers.