Cam Newton’s Next Team Odds

Posted by Derrick Harper on March 27, 2020 in

While maybe not the best player available – the biggest name on the free agent market heading into the end of Week 2 is Cam Newton. The former Panthers quarterback 30 year old out of Auburn is a three time pro bowl selection. He also won the offensive Player of the year, and was the first pick in the 2011 draft. While he has put up some monster numbers in his career, the last couple seasons have been a downward slide. Let’s take a look at the betting odds as to where Cam Newton is going to show up next:

Cam Newton’s Next Team Odds

Miami Dolphins +200

It would be kind of cool to see Cam Newton on South Beach. Brian Flores did a great job getting his team heading in the right direction late in the season. Ryan Fitzpatrick did a nice job righting the ship. But, Fitzpatrick is not the long term answer. Is Newton? That’s the question the Dolphins brass is asking themselves. A couple young receivers on board with Cam would make a fun offense.

Jacksonville Jaguars +250

The Jaguars got rid of Nick Foles to Chicago, which many felt opened the door for Gardner Minshew as the starting signal caller. But, is that really the case? Are the Jaguars trying to get Newton into the upper portion of Florida? The Jaguars were not good a season ago, and really do not project to be good in 2020. Many feel they should stick with Minshew, but Newton would sell more tickets.

Los Angeles Chargers +350

The Chargers lost Phillip Rivers to the Indianapolis Colts. It’s not going to be a great look coming into Los Angeles and sending Tyrod Taylor out as the signal caller. This is a hidden gem for Newton and could really be a fun return. Just imagine Newton to Keenan Allen? Los Angeles is a city that could fall in love with Cam. Of course, it could go the other way, just as quickly.

New England Patriots +500

This was talked about the second that Tom Brady chose to leave the Patriots and head to Tampa Bay. It’s hard to imagine Bill Bellichick having the patience to deal with a guy like Cam Newton. It’s hard to see this one happening, but the Patriots need a solidified quarterback. They are fourth on the list, but expect that to change over the next few days as the Patriots make it clear they are moving in a different direction.


  • Denver Broncos +750
  • Washington Redskins +750
  • Las Vegas Raiders +1200
  • Pittsburgh Steelers +1200

There is a look at the betting odds for Superman Cam Newton and his next team for the 2020 season. It’s going to be an interesting free agency period, as we head into the draft in late April. The games are expected to start in August with the regular season in September. We want football back soon!