Biggest AFC Rivalry Games in the 2018 NFL Calendar

Posted by Derrick Harper on July 31, 2018 in

The AFC may not have as many quality teams as the NFC, but one could argue they have the better rivalries, and that’s worth something. Luckily for fans, those rivalries will be on full display throughout the season. Let’s take a look at some of the top rivalry games the AFC will serve up in the 2018 NFL Season.

Biggest AFC Rivalry Games in the 2018 NFL Calendar

Patriots vs Steelers

Rather quietly, these two have become rather intense rivals, primarily because they are consistently two of the best teams in the AFC.

With Tom Brady seemingly near the end of his career and the Steelers likely breaking up the Roethlisberger, Bell, and Brown trio after this season, both teams will covet a Super Bowl run this season, meaning one of these teams is going to get in the other’s way. They’ll play Week 15 in Pittsburgh and could very well meet again in the playoffs.

Colts vs Patriots

Things quieted down in this rivalry after Peyton Manning left Indianapolis. However, after Josh McDaniels backed out of becoming head coach of the Colts to stay in New England, there could be a little more meaning to this matchup in 2018. It should help that Andrew Luck appears to be healthy and should help the Colts become a competitive team again.

If nothing else, someone can always bring up Deflategate. These two teams will see one another in prime time on Thursday night in Week 5.

Jaguars vs Steelers

These two used to play in the same division, so there is some history between them. However, this rivalry got reignited last year when the Jaguars shockingly beat the Steelers twice. Both games were in Pittsburgh, and of course, the second meeting came in the playoffs when Blake Bortles played the game of his life.

The Steelers will look for redemption when they travel to Jacksonville in Week 11 and play the Jags on Sunday Night Football.

Raiders vs Chiefs

No one can deny that this is a bitter rivalry. These two are natural rivals and that hasn’t changed with the teams competing at the top of the AFC West the past couple of years. There’s even more in it now that Jon Gruden is back with the Raiders. He and Kansas City head coach Andy Reid are old friends that now find themselves on opposite sides of a bitter rivalry.

The Raiders look like a good betting pick for the 2018 NFL Season.

Naturally, the NFL is going to make us wait for this rivalry. These two teams will play in Week 13 and Week 17, potentially giving both games a lot of meaning.

Browns vs Steelers

Okay, so it’s tough to imagine the Browns having a rivalry with any team since a rivalry usually involves both teams winning. But keep in mind that it’s the oldest rivalry in the AFC and has a ton of history behind it.

The Browns also played two close games with Pittsburgh last year, losing twice by a combined seven points. With all of Cleveland’s wheelings and dealings this offseason, things could get interesting. The Browns and Steelers will meet in Cleveland in Week 1 and then Pittsburgh in 2018 NFL Week 8.