Betting Stats On The Top Five AFC Super Bowl 54 Favorites

Posted by Aaron . on August 15, 2019 in

The 2019 season is almost here! The casual fans are looking forward to the season, as is the NFL Betting public. Let’s take a look at the five AFC teams that are the favorites to be in Super Bowl 54, and look at their betting history, and predict what will happen in the 2019 NFL season.

Betting Stats On The Top Five AFC Super Bowl 54 Favorites

New England Patriots +700

The New England Patriots were 12-7 against the spread in 2018. The Patriots and their opponents only hit the over in 7 of their 19 games. With the Patriots offense not putting up the huge numbers like they had in the past, and their defense improving throughout the 2018 season, the point totals were lower.

With an aging Tom Brandy, no Rob Gronkowski, and a questionable wide receiver crew, the Patriots point total predictions will probably be lower this season. This will also be because they should have a stellar defense.

Look for closer spreads in this year’s games, as the Patriots probably aren’t going to be blowing anyone out.

Kansas City Chiefs +800

The Chiefs had a great 2018 on the field, and for bettors, as they were 10-7-1 against the spread. To no one’s surprise, they and their opponent’s hit the over in 11 of their 18 games.

This season, look for the point total predictions to be much higher in Chiefs games. With much of their offense returning, and their defense is expected to be poor, the point total predictions will be very high.

Without Kareem Hunt, and poor defense, and more preparation to stop Mahomes, the point spreads should be closer for the Chiefs games this year.

Cleveland Browns +1200

Did anyone ever think that we’d be talking about the Browns as a Super Bowl favorite? The Browns were 10-6 against the spread in 2018. Once Hue Jackson was fired, and Baker Mayfield took over the offense, the Browns were much more successful

This year’s Browns team will be favored in many of its games. With a high-powered offense, the point total predictions should be high. They play in a tough division with some good defenses, so even though they could win a lot of games, they may not cover the spread.

Also, let’s remember that the Browns always seem to find a way to screw things up.

Indianapolis Colts +1600

The Colts were 9-8-1 against the spread last year. They started off the season slowly, but finished it on a roll. They hit the over in 8 of their 18 games in 2018.

The Colts will play in a lot of close games in 2019. With a very tough divisional schedule, and with neither their offense or defense being overpowering, the Colts will be in for a very competitive 2019.

Los Angeles Chargers +1600

The Chargers finished the 2018 season 10-8 against the spread. They were 9-9 on the over/under point totals.

Their division should be better this season, as Vic Fangio will have the Broncos defense playing at a high level, and the Raiders should be improved. And we can’t forget about two games against the Chiefs.

The Chargers will be favored in a majority of their games, but they won’t be blowing anyone out.