NFL Betting Predictions for the 2018 Postseason

Posted by Aaron . on December 14, 2018 in

First, let’s break down the NFL Betting favorites in the AFC. In the North, we have a shootout down the stretch between the Ravens and Steelers. Only a half game, thanks to the Steelers week one tie, separates the two. I think the Ravens have an easier schedule so I’m going to pick them to win the division. That may place the Steelers out of the playoffs for the first time in a while. In the AFC South, I think it is pretty well decided that the Texans will win the division, but the Colts are read hot. I’ll pick them to take the second wildcard slot.

NFL Betting Predictions for the 2018 Postseason

Dangerous AFC

The Chargers and Patriots are the two teams I think no one will want to play. I see the Chargers getting by Baltimore in round one and the Colts skating by the Texans in round one. It isn’t very likely that two wildcard teams advance, but that’s what I’m predicting here. The Chargers would then move on to New England.

After the Colts defeat the Texans, they will move on to face the Chiefs, a team I just don’t see them stacking up well against. I’ll pick the Chiefs and Chargers to meet again in the AFC Conference Championship, with the Chargers taking the victory and getting to the Super Bowl.

Shake up in NFC

In the NFC, things are a bit more undecided. The things we know are the Rams and Saints. The rest is pretty well up for grabs. The Rams already have their division wrapped up as do the Saints. The Bears in the North will clinch the division with a win over the Packers.

The Bears are NFL Betting favorites to win the NFC North.

The NFC South is still a tossup, but the Cowboys seem to be taking hold of the leader’s position and don’t look to be giving that up down the stretch. Adding Amari Cooper has been a gamble worth taking. So, we have the Rams in the West, the Saints in the South, the Cowboys in the East and the bears in the North as division champions. The wildcard spots are going to go to Seattle and Minnesota in my opinion.

Saints/Chargers Super Bowl

I think the Saints are the team to watch here in this year’s playoff on the NFC side. No one wants to play them, especially not in New Orleans. The first round will feature the Vikings against the Bears and the Cowboys against the Seahawks. I think the Bears and Seahawks will emerge victorious through the first round.

After that, the Bears will face the Saints and lose, while the Seahawks will challenge the Rams, ultimately winning a close game. The Hawks will have to travel to New Orleans next, a game in which I think they will just simply be overpowered in. I pick the Saints to reach the Super Bowl to face the Chargers.

Best of luck and enjoy the rest of the NFL Betting action!