NFL Betting: Does Patrick Mahomes Must Win the Super Bowl?

Posted by Derrick Harper on January 14, 2021 in

When do we consider a quarterback to be great? Do we go by statistics? Do we consider wins? Do we factor in the number of Super Bowl wins that a quarterback has? These are all things that are discussed when it comes to trying to determine whether or not a quarterback goes down as one of the best to ever play the game. Let’s take a closer look at Patrick Mahomes so you can keep betting against their NFL odds.

Does Patrick Mahomes have to win Super Bowl again?

Patrick Mahomes has quickly made a name for himself. In just his fourth season, Mahomes already has a Super Bowl victory to his name. He’s thrown for 14,000 yards with 114 touchdowns. He has a 38-8 career record, as he only played in one game during his rookie season.

Is Patrick Mahomes a great quarterback? Many have gone on record saying that he has the potential to be the best quarterback of all time. However, he only has one Super Bowl championship. If he never wins another Lombardi Trophy, will he be considered one of the greats?

When you talk about great quarterbacks, two names that quickly come up in conversation are Tom Brady and Joe Montana. Brady has made nine Super Bowl appearances, going 6-3. He has great career statistics that have been padded by his career longevity, but he’s widely considered to be great because of his collection of rings. Same for Montana. Joe had very good numbers, and came up big in clutch moments, but he’s thought of as a great quarterback because of his 4-0 record in Super Bowls.

Let’s take a look at the career of Drew Brees. Brees is the all-time leader in passing yards, and is second to Brady in career passing touchdowns. Brees only has one Super Bowl title on his career resume. Even though the statistics back up the opinion that Brees is a great quarterback, many people would not consider Brees to be one of the greatest.

Brett Favre sits near the top of many statistical categories, but due to the fact that he has only won one Super Bowl, he’s not in many people’s lists of great quarterbacks. The same can be said for Aaron Rodgers. Even though Peyton Manning has two Lombardi Trophies, and some great statistics, he’s remembered more for his playoff losses to Brady than he is for his Super Bowl wins. People put him further down the list because of his lack of playoff success.

So the question that is being asked is if Patrick Mahomes needs to win another Super Bowl? After just playing in three full seasons, he’s quickly moving up the list of quarterbacks. He plays in an offense that utilizes his passing talents. He’s surrounded by great receivers. He has everything going for him, and if he continues to stay healthy, the sky’s the limit for his potential Hall of Fame career. Mahomes can top all of the statistical categories at the end of his career, but if he wants to be considered as one of the greats, he will need to hoist the Lombardi Trophy again.