The Best & Worst Super Bowl LII Betting Props

Posted by Aaron . on January 30, 2018 in

Super Bowl Sunday is where all the money to sportsbooks will be flowing. During the entire week, the Super Bowl LII Betting action will be on the line. The Patriots and the Eagles are the main show, but the sideshow throughout the week, and during the game is the Prop Bets that are available for the game. Prop bets are sided bets that happen either before, during or after the game.

Prop Bets are fun because many times you don’t have to have a ton of football knowledge to make a prediction and place some money. Best of luck, here is a look at the best and worst Super Bowl LII Props to bet on.

The Best & Worst Super Bowl LII Betting Props

Best Props to Bet on

Total Passing Yards for Tom Brady

Tom Brady is a guy that loves to pass the football. The Patriots never shy away from throwing the football. Many may say – well they are going to want to run the football down the Eagles throats. Not so sure about that. Rob Gronkowski will likely play, despite his questionable status, and that gives Brady even more target. Look for Tom Brady to reach 300 passing yards in Super Bowl 52 in a winning cause. Bet OVER 285.5 for Tom Brady’s passing yards.

Total Completions for Tom Brady

This goes right along with the previous bet. Tom Brady is going to throw the football. Winning the game, losing the game, whatever the case may be – Tom Brady is going to be the one in charge of the football. This is 6.5 completions per quarter. This is a team that is more than okay dinking and dunking the ball down the field. That’s do-able. Take the OVER 25 completions for Tom Brady in Super Bowl 52.

Total Receiving Yards for Brandin Cooks

Brandin Cooks is the Patriots true top target. Cooks is a guy that can go quiet at times, but when this guy gets it going, and Brady has a connection with him – he is tough to defend. His total yards is too low for this game. The Eagles are not going to be able to defend the entire field. Gronkowski is a beast, and Danny Amendola caught two touchdowns last week. That leaves Brandin Cooks open early and often. Take OVER 67 for Brandin Cooks receiving yards.

Worst Props to Bet on

What Color Will Pink’s Hair Be when she Starts the Anthem?

Come on. While this could be fun for the non-football fans to see what happens with Pink, unless you have insider information, this is just a trap bet. Pink will likely change her hair color 6 times between now and then.

Pink is included in the Super Bowl LII Betting Props.

Pink/Red is the favorite, and that makes sense since her name is Pink. But, do not count out Green. That’s the biggest longshot at +500. This seems like a good spot for a non-bet.

What Color will Justin Timberlake’s Shoes be when he starts halftime show?

Again – you have to have insider information on this one. How many pairs of shoes do you think Justin Timberlake owns? Despite that – likely not going to be JT’s decision. White is the heavy favorite, but who is to say that Timberlake even wears shoes? This is not a real good value bet to wager on.

Will Tom Brady’s Jersey be Stolen Again?

While this seems like an absolute steal of a bet to bet NO, how long are the oddsmakers giving for this to be paid out? Will it EVER be stolen? Are they keeping your money forever? How do we really know if his jersey is actually stolen or not? This seems like an insider type bet that the equipment guy could hand to someone else and all the sudden it is STOLEN? Seems fishy and something to stay away from.

There it is. Those are the best and the worst Super Bowl LII Betting Props to bet on. Best of luck with all your Super Bowl LII Betting action. Enjoy the action from Minneapolis, and start counting down to Super Bowl 53, along with another great season of National Football League action!