Best Value NFL Week 7 Odds

Posted by Aaron . on August 4, 2016 in

In Week 7, we’ll probably have a good sense of who the playoff contenders are going to be, and who they aren’t going to be. If you look at those lines now, though, you probably have a sense of some oddsmaker mistakes that you can take advantage of. Take a look at these high-value NFL lines from Week 7. Home teams are in all caps.

Take a Closer Look at the Best Value NFL Week 7 Odds

Sunday, October 23

Cleveland (+11.5) over CINCINNATI

No, I’m not picking the Browns straight up here. However, their defense is a pretty solid unit, and with RGIII at the helm, the offense should be better as well. If the line were seven points, or even nine points, I’d consider taking the Bengals, as I think they’ll be working hard to defend their AFC North title, and they have a stiff defense of their own. However, I just don’t see the Bengals winning by this many points.

Washington (+1) over DETROIT

I liked what the Redskins were able to do down the stretch last year, as Kirk Cousins solidified his place as a starting quarterback in the NFL. Detroit did some neat things last year, such as almost pulling off a sweep of the Packers, but they lost Calvin Johnson to retirement and haven’t done anything to replace him in their offense. Also, the Lions’ defense showed that you can torch the secondary at any given time. So I like the Skins to go into Detroit and emerge with a W.

Oakland (PK) over JACKSONVILLE

This is a tale of two strong young quarterbacks in the Raiders’ Derek Carr and the Jaguars’ Blake Bortles. However, with Amari Cooper catching the ball and a scary pass rush, Carr has more around him on both sides of the ball. The Jaguars also have promise, but I think they’re a few players away from matching up with Oakland, even at home.

N.Y. JETS (-4) over Baltimore

I like what the Jets have done over the last two years — put together one of the best secondaries in the league and get the offense going behind a solid (if unspectacular) quarterback in Ryan Fitzpatrick. They were a Week 17 loss away from going to the playoffs a year ago, and I think this secondary will be able to contain Joe Flacco, as he really doesn’t have star power at the wide receiver position.

ATLANTA (-3) over San Diego

The Chargers are an elderly team that will be playing three time zones from home. The Falcons showed some schizophrenic tendencies as a team last year, but remember that they started 5-0 and ended up beating Carolina at home, the only team to knock off the Panthers. Matt Ryan and Julio Jones return to key the offense, and Dan Quinn has had a second year to install the defense that he wants. I like the Falcons to roll in this one.