Best Value NFL Week 6 Odds

Best Value NFL Week 6 Odds

Written by on August 3, 2016

Once we hit Week 6 in NFL action, we’re seeing some teams separating themselves from the rest of the pack. Of course, the Falcons entered Week 6 last year with a 5-0 record, only to enter a tailspin that would see them fall out of the playoff picture by Week 10, and then there are the Chiefs, who went 1-5 and then turned things around to win a wild card, so take the prognostications you’re hearing at this point with a grain of salt. There are some value NFL lines waiting for you as you bet on Week 6, though, so let’s take a look. Home teams are in all caps.

Here’s a Look at the Best Value NFL Week 6 Odds

Thursday, October 13

SAN DIEGO (+3) over Denver

The Broncos are heading toward some tough losses this year, thanks to their decision to bring in turnover machine Mark Sanchez to run the offense while they wait for Paxton Lynch to mature into the quarterback of the future. I see the Chargers losing at Oakland in Week 5 but then coming home to take out their frustrations on a problematic Bronco team the next week. The Chargers will muster a pass rush against the Broncos to get a couple of turnovers and then turn those short fields into enough points to pull off the upset.

Sunday, October 16

Cleveland (+3.5) over TENNESSEE

The Browns have an underrated defense, and with RGIII behind the wheel on offense, a defense as mediocre as Tennessee’s will have real problems. I think the Browns will be able to move the ball while also managing what the Titans can do when they have the ball. Can the Titans eke out a win with a last minute field goal? Maybe. But they won’t be able to cover this point spread.

Carolina (-4.5) over NEW ORLEANS

Drew Brees will be looking his age early on in this game as the Panther defense chases him all over the field. A Carolina team that is hungry to return to the title game and exact their revenge will blow easily through the voodoo atmosphere in New Orleans, and Cam Newton, a year older and more seasoned in the Panther offense, will take advantage of a Saints defense that doesn’t muster much of a pass rush or do much to stop the run.

NEW ENGLAND (-4) over Cincinnati

If this game were in Cincinnati, I would seriously consider picking the Bengals here. However, this will be the Patriots’ first home game with Tom Brady at the helm, and the Bengals have enough head cases on defense (yes, Vontaze Burfict and Pacman Jones, I’m talking to you) to turn a strong unit into a real head-scratcher with some crucial mistakes down the stretch. I see Brady taking advantage of the Bengals while Cincinnati quarterback Andy Dalton throws a key pick or two at the wrong time.