Best Value NFL Week 5 Odds

Posted by Aaron . on August 3, 2016 in

Let’s take a look at some value NFL odds coming up in Week 5 this season. If some of the trends now going into training camp hold true, you should be able to make some real money in your sports account. Take a look at some of these matchups — and see if you don’t agree. Home teams are in all caps.

Analyzing the Best Value NFL Week 5 Odds

Thursday, October 6

Arizona (-6) over SAN FRANCISCO

The Arizona Cardinals have the better quarterback right now (Carson Palmer over Colin Kaepernick), and they have the better defensive unit. Under Bruce Arians, the Cardinals have won against the spread almost two out of every three times they have hit the field. I don’t see the Niners moving the ball much against Arizona, but I do see Palmer exploiting holes in the San Francisco secondary and leading his team to a big win.

Sunday, October 9

New England (-7) over CLEVELAND

This will mark Tom Brady’s Week 1, as he returns from that suspension that he’s been appealing for over a year but finally agreed to serve. If you don’t think that the Patriots will hit the ground running in full domination mode, you don’t know how Bill Belichick operates. The Browns appear set to start Robert Griffin III at quarterback, which will be an upgrade, but I don’t think it will be enough to keep pace with the Patriots. I see this as a big day for the Patriot offense.

DALLAS (PK) over Cincinnati

Yes, the Bengals won the AFC North last year while the Cowboys went 4-12. Yes, the Cowboys could have a porous defense this year, victimized by big passing plays down the field. However, DeMarcus Lawrence appears set to return to the field after a four-game suspension, and he should be able to galvanize the Cowboy pass rush. Also, the Cowboy offense should be the equal to whatever the Bengals can bring. I don’t think this will be a blowout by any means, but I think the Cowboys can outscore the Bengals here.

Buffalo (+1) over LOS ANGELES

I think that the offense in L.A. under Jared Goff while have more of an upside than what the Bills will have with Tyrod Taylor at the helm. However, with Rob Ryan running the defense in Buffalo right now, I also think that the Bills will be able to exert their will over a rookie quarterback. Remember, Rob Ryan’s defenses generally do well for the first couple years until opponents find ways to make adjustments, and I think the Bills will be able outthink a young offense for the win.

OAKLAND (-4.5) over San Diego

As the Raiders grow into a solid AFC West contender, they move past a Charger team that is mostly aging (see Phillip Rivers as well as that mostly no-name defense). I think the Raiders have this date circled on their calendar as they work to move past the Chargers, and possibly the Chiefs, and move into contention in the division. The Raider pass rush will harass Rivers all day long and deny him the chance to get into any sort of rhythm.