Best Value NFL Week 3 Odds

Posted by Aaron . on August 3, 2016 in

The 2016 NFL betting season is getting closer and closer — and teams are in camp now. But you can still get some terrific value bets now if you take a look at some of the trends that oddsmakers are hoping you’ll ignore. Take a look at some of these primo choices from Week 3 action. Home teams are in all caps.

Take a Look at the Best Value NFL Week 3 Odds

Thursday, September 22

Houston (+8) over NEW ENGLAND

Remember — the Patriots will still have backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo at the helm as Tom Brady’s suspension from DeflateGate passes the halfway point. The Texans will be better at quarterback as Brock Osweiler replaces Brian Hoyer — the same Brock Osweiler who beat New England as the backup quarterback in Denver. Houston’s defense isn’t as good as Denver’s, but it is a fairly solid unit. I don’t see the Texans going up to New England and stealing a win, necessarily, but it will be closer than this gargantuan line.

Sunday, September 25

Oakland (-2.5) over TENNESSEE

I love the pairing of Derek Carr and Amari Cooper on the offensive side of the ball for Oakland, but the Tennessee Titans also have Marcus Mariota and DeMarco Murray on their offense. The key here for me is the defensive matchup, as the Raiders have a fearsome defensive line, while the Titans are still working on consistency on that side of the ball.

Baltimore (PK) over JACKSONVILLE

Joe Flacco is back from last year’s season-ending injury. The Ravens don’t have primo talent at tailback or wide receiver, but they do have a defense that can smother whatever Blake Bortles and the Jags want to put together. I think that this will be a close game, but I don’t see a healed Ravens roster losing to this upstart Jacksonville squad.

TAMPA BAY (-1) over Los Angeles

The Rams appear to be headed toward starting rookie Jared Goff at quarterback. He is a tremendous talent, but he is a year behind Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston on the learning curve — as Winston made huge strides as a rookie last year. The Rams have the advantage of tailback Todd Gurley, but the Bucs have the better defense. I see the Bucs keying on Gurley and flushing Goff out of the pocket all afternoon.

Pittsburgh (-3) over PHILADELPHIA

The Steelers have Ben Roethlisberger at quarterback, who has led his team to clutch win after win. The Eagles will have a Sam Bradford who was so worried when the team drafted Carson Wentz (from an FCS school) that he demanded his release, only to have the team soothe his feelings. I see the Eagles as entering the season as a distracted team. The Steelers have a solid rushing defense, and I see them pressuring Bradford into mistake after mistake.