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NFL Betting: Best Offensive Players for 2015

Written by on August 20, 2015

Now that the preseason is underway, not only bettors start looking for the right picks for team play in the early weeks of the season, but many of them are also trying to up their winnings through some deep player observation. If you’re a serious about your NFL betting action, then you have likely already made your own analysis and ranked some of the players in preparation for the real action coming in a few weeks. So let’s take a look at some of the best players at the key offensive positions.

Quarterback: Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers

 As the struggles of such cannon-armed signal callers as Jay Cutler and Drew Brees have shown over the years, accuracy and power aren’t enough for a quarterback. Having the right receivers around you makes a difference too. The Pack already has Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson to catch the ball, but they also have a legitimate #3 receiver in Davante Adams as well as rookie sensation Ty Montgomery.
Aaron Rodgers
Another reason to pick Rodgers? He seems to make fewer mistakes as time goes by. In 2014 he only threw five picks – the fewest in his career. He has had some nagging injuries the past two seasons, but he recently told Paul Imig of Fox Sports Wisconsin that he is free of injury and is at the weight he wants to be. In 2014, he threw for 4,381 yards with 38 touchdowns against those five picks.

Running Back: Jamaal Charles, Kansas City Chiefs

 In reality, the best fantasy tailback this year is probably Le’Veon Bell. However, he faces a suspension for the first two games this season, which means if you go out of your way to take him, your starting back will be on the shelf the first two weeks. So it’s time to look at some other options, and the Chiefs’ Jamaal Charles has some points to offer. Over the past two years, he has a total of 33 touchdowns, both on the ground and through receptions. Even better, he doesn’t have that same risk as backs like DeMarco Murray come with in terms of wear and tear.
Jamaal Charles
He has averaged about 5.5 yards per carry during his entire career, but he never has carried the ball more than 285 times in any season. This means the Chiefs have a solid featured bank but have not run him to the point of wearing him down. In 2014, he had 1,033 rushing yards, 291 receiving yards, nine rushing touchdowns, five receiving touchdowns – and only three fumbles.

Wide Receiver: Antonio Brown, Pittsburgh Steelers

In 2014, Brown ranked #1 among fantasy performers among wide receivers, and he should be atop your board for wide receivers once again. He led the NFL in yards and receptions and tied for second with touchdowns, scoring 13. He even threw for a touchdown, giving you access to some surprise fantasy points.
Antonio Brown
The next best performer in terms of fantasy points was Denver’s Demaryius Thomas. Brown is also a durable receiver, having played all sixteen games each of the last two years. He had 129 catches for 1,698 yards. He only fumbled twice all season long.