7 Reasons Why The NFC Team Will Win Super Bowl LIII

Posted by Derrick Harper on January 23, 2019 in

Let’s take a look at some reasons the Los Angeles Rams should be your NFL Betting pick to win Super Bowl LIII.

7 Reasons Why The NFC Team Will Win Super Bowl LIII

1. Todd Gurley has to be the number one reason why the Los Angeles Rams win the Super Bowl

His ability in the run game, pass game and as a decoy are what drives the offensive unit. There’s a reason why most of the Rams’ deep passes come from play action. He is so good that defenses forget about anything over the top, even for a second, then it’s too late. Without him, or the threat of him, and the whole thing falls apart.

2. C. J. Anderson has been the single best spell running back in the league since joining the Rams

He is fresh, powerful, compact, and can make defenses pay with his punishing running style. When Todd Gurley is out of the game, the threat for an explosive run is still on the table. When defenses can’t let up, even for a play or two, they get tense, and when defenses get tense, that’s when big plays happen.

3. Robert Woods is the cog that makes the offense go

He plays out wide, as a wing right off of the tight end, and in the true slot position. Where he is on the field matters very little to his involvement in the game. He gets moved around to identify mismatches to exploit. He rarely runs go routes, but instead focuses on running precise intermediate routes and boy, can he do that well. When the Rams need a clutch catch, he’s usually on the receiving end.

4. Jared Goff has to have a tremendous game to win the Super Bowl

He is an efficient passer who typically doesn’t make too many costly mistakes. He is great at spreading the ball around and making pre-snap reads and audibles to avoid tendencies. Goff is also a bit of a magician in that his footwork is nearly the same for a wide variety of plays and route combinations, creating a pause in opposing defenses.

5. Aaron Donald and the pass rush will have to harass Brady

Pressure, and more specifically, pressure up the middle from Dante Fowler, Jr., NDamukong Suh, and the rest of the Rams defense will be crucial to create chaos and rush Tom brady to make reas before he is ready to do so.

Aaron Donald has to be really focus if the Rams want to win Super Bowl LIII.

If they can get him to hurry passes, overthrow passes, or keep him on the ground, Brady will get anxious and his competitiveness could get the better of him, only creating more opportunities for momentum to further swing for the Rams.

6. Sean McVey will have to call a near perfect game to be able to compete with Bill Belichick’s preparation

Execution on offense will be pertinent to keep the Patriot’s at bay. Opening up new wrinkles, utilizing Gurley in a variety of ways, and scheming complicated protection plans will be necessary to secure a win.

7. Greg Zuerlein will be called upon to kick some critical field goals

He has the leg to do so from serious range, but he’ll have to be Mr. Reliable as well. Missed opportunities will cost the rams in this game. Greg “the Leg” will have to show that he can knock down the tough ones to keep the pressure on the Pats.

We are looking forward to Super Bowl LIII!