5 Things Every NFL Betting Enthusiast Should Watch this Preseason

Posted by Aaron . on August 2, 2018 in

Most people tend to dismiss the NFL preseason as more or less meaningless. However, if you plan on betting big bucks during the regular season, you’d be wise to pay attention during the preseason. Believe it or not, you can learn a lot by watching preseason games, especially if you want to make early bets on Super Bowl teams, division winners, or even games in the first few weeks of the regular season. Here are five things every NFL Betting enthusiast should be monitoring during the exhibition season.

5 Things Every NFL Betting Enthusiast Should Watch this Preseason

Andrew Luck’s Health

There are a lot of players who missed all or most of last season due to injury who will be suiting up during the preseason for the first time in a year or more. Of those players, Luck is by far the most important. The AFC South may have sent two teams to the playoffs last year, but that’s a division that is still wide open. If Luck is healthy and can pick up where he left off, it changes the shape of the entire division. Luck can turn a team that was 4-12 last year into a potential division winner, but only if he’s fully healthy.

Pat Mahomes

The AFC West will be one of the toughest divisions to handicap this year, and a lot depends on the play of Kansas City quarterback Pat Mahomes. The Chiefs took a risk by trading Alex Smith and handing the team over to Mahomes. By watching Mahomes closely in preseason games, you may be able to tell if he’s ready to be a starter in this league or not. If not, there are three other teams in the AFC West that will be ready to pounce and fight for the top spot in the division.

Unexpected Contributors

There are always a few stars born during the preseason. They could be late-round rookies who are better than expected or a player who finally seems to be figuring things out. Obviously, you’ll have to take preseason performances with a grain of salt. However, one breakout star on a mediocre team can alter that team’s outlook entirely. If you can find the diamond in the rough during the preseason, you can have an edge in betting when the season starts for real.

Offensive Line Play

Coaches will be quick to pull their quarterbacks and star players during preseason games, but they will sometimes let their offensive linemen play a little longer. That group usually needs time to gel with one another, so preseason reps are important.

The Texans are looking like a really good NFL Betting pick for the 2018 preseason.

A team with a strong offensive line is more likely to put together a good season and end up in the playoffs, whereas a weak offensive line can sink an entire team fast. If you can spot a dominant offensive line in the preseason, you’d be wise to keep a close eye on that team during the regular season.

The Second Half

Yes, preseason games can get a little boring in the second half when all the starters are out. But you should keep watching anyway. Teams that play well in the second half of preseason games tend to have better depth. These are the teams that will have better players on special teams and be better able to absorb injuries, two factors that separate good teams from great teams during the regular season and NFL Betting wise.