3 Things to Consider for your 2018 NFL Betting Strategy

Posted by Derrick Harper on April 28, 2018 in

First, we found out the 2018 schedule, now we are finishing up the 2018 draft. The National Football League season will be here before you know it. What many consider the best time of the year will be here soon, as the National Football League approaches. The schedule was released, and there are a few things we feel you should know before setting your NFL Betting strategy.

Let’s take a look at 3 Things to Know about the upcoming 2018 NFL Schedule.

3 Things to Consider for your 2018 NFL Betting Strategy

1. The Regular Season Opens September 6th

The 2018 regular season will get started like it has the last several seasons on the first Thursday in September. This game, of course, is a huge one, between Atlanta and Philadelphia. The Eagles are Super Bowl Champions and will look to start the season strong against a really good Atlanta team.

The first Sunday Night Football game is the Bears at the Packers, and then, of course, there are two Monday Night Football games in Week 1. The week 1 schedule looks pretty entertaining for the National Football League.

2. Week 17 is Sunday before New Year’s Eve

The regular season in the National Football League will end the Sunday before New Year’s Eve. That’s December 30th. Key games on that day feature the Lions at the Packers, Titans at the Colts, Bears at Vikings, Panthers at Saints, Cowboys at Giants, Falcons at Buccaneers, 49ers at Rams and Cardinals at Seattle.

The Rams come in as one of the NFL Betting favorites to win it all.

This is a day with all 16 games on Sunday, and all 16 games are divisional battles.

3. Week 5 Features NFC Championship Rematch

Week 5 will be one that many marks on their calendar. The rematch of the NFC title game. Minnesota came in with all the momentum after their hail mary win over the Saints.

The Philadelphia Eagles just thrashed them. Now, it’s Kirk Cousins offense as they take on the defending champion Eagles. There will be plenty of talk about this game, and heading to Philadelphia, it will be an interesting watch.

There is a look at a few of the top things we want you to know about the 2018 National Football League season. We were able to give you 3 Things to Know about the upcoming 2018 NFL schedule. There are more you should know, but we consider these three to be pretty important. Best of luck with all your NFL betting, and we hope you enjoy the season!