3 Reasons Why the New England Patriots Will Win Super Bowl 51

Posted by Peter Boysen on February 3, 2017 in

The New England Patriots have seemed like a team of angry destiny this season, steamrolling the opposition to a 14-2 record, losing only in Buffalo (with rookie quarterback Jacoby Brissett leading the team) and at home to the Seattle Seahawks. They made both Houston and Pittsburgh look silly in the playoffs, and now the Atlanta Falcons are the only obstacle between them and yet another Lombardi Trophy — with the added bonus of watching commissioner Roger Goodell finally have to step onto the same stage with the head coach and quarterback of the team that many think he unfairly disciplined over the air pressure inside a football. Before you put your wagers down on the Super Bowl LI odds, take a look at why New England will win the game.

3 Reasons Why the New England Patriots Will Win Super Bowl 51

Tom Brady might be the most motivated player in the NFL

It’s not just the DeflateGate conspiracy that has Tom Brady mad. Remember, he slipped all the way to the sixth round in the 2000 NFL draft, and he has been making people pay ever since. Of course, there is the motivation that would come when the same NFL commissioner who dropped a penalty on him much stiffer than the five-figure fine that the NFL rulebook says should go along with messing around with air pressure in game balls will have to hand him that big trophy at the end of the game. He’s been preparing for this moment ever since that suspension finally was upheld — and a lot of NFL fans are right there with him.

The Patriots have all the postseason experience

Since 2000, the Patriots have won the AFC East 14 times. The Falcons have won their division six times… in the last 50 years. Tom Brady has won 24 playoff games in his career, spanning 17 seasons. Atlanta has won nine playoff games in the history of their franchise. Since 2000, they have won four Super Bowl championships, appeared in seven Super Bowls, and Tom Brady has won three Super Bowl MVP trophies. There are also several other players who were on the squad two years ago, when the Patriots shocked Seattle in their Super Bowl XLIX victory.

They are ready to stop Julio Jones

That’s right, the Patriots have a plan to neutralize the best weapon that Atlanta will put on the field — just like they usually do every time they take the field. The Patriots have faced such elite receivers as Antonio Brown, Doug Baldwin, Demaryius Thomas, Emmanuel Sanders and DeAndre Hopkins, and they’ve slowed them down immensely. They line up cornerback Malcolm Butler with the top receiver of the opposition and send safety help that way. This combination of tactics usually works. If Jones can’t take the game over, the Falcons will have to lean on other weapons. Can they win the Super Bowl if blanket coverage eliminates their superstar wide receiver?