NFL Betting: 2021 Green Bay Packers Defense Analysis & Prediction

NFL Betting: 2021 Green Bay Packers Defense Analysis & Prediction

Written by on August 3, 2021

The betting public is always very active prior to the start of the NFL season. Gamblers are always looking for ways to make some easy money. When looking at some NFL betting lines for the Green Bay Packers defense, here are some things to keep in mind.

Green Bay Packers Defense In-Depth Betting Analysis

When talking about the Green Bay Packers, you think of Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay offense. For many years, the defense was blamed for Green Bay’s lack of postseason success. At the start of the 2020 season, the Packer defense was once again the weak link of the team.

However, as the season progressed, the Packers’ defense became more successful. Even though Tampa Bay exploited the unit in the NFC Championship Game, the Green Bay defense was a fairly decent unit in 2020. With the draft and free agency, there have been some changes made to the Green Bay defense for 2021.

Green Bay fired defensive coordinator Mike Pettine after the 2020 season, and the Packers brought in Joe Barry to replace Pettine. Barry has not been a successful defensive coordinator in his prior stops. His defenses have never finished higher than 28th in the league. 

With Aaron Rodgers at the helm, the Green Bay Packers will still run an up-tempo offense. The ball will be in the air a lot, and Green Bay will look to score quickly. This doesn’t bode well for the defense, as they probably won’t get a lot of rest.

2021 – How Will the Defense Look?

Defensive Line

Other than Pro Bowler Kenny Clark, there’s not a lot of talent up front for the Green Bay Packers. This is a veteran group, but they haven’t been able to stay healthy. Unless someone steps up and surprises everyone, this won’t be a really strong group. The Packers are a +2800 to lead the league in sacks, so that tells you that Las Vegas doesn’t have a lot of confidence in Green Bay’s defensive front.


Za’Darius Smith, Preston Smith, and Rashan Gary are a formidable group of linebackers. The outside linebackers for the Packers are a very talented group. This group carried the Green Bay defense in the second half of the 2020 season. If they can continue to improve, the Green Bay defense could be a tough unit. 


Jaire Alexander is a star in the making. Teams were hesitant to throw at him in the second half of 2020. Unfortunately for the Packers, Alexander is the only corner that opposing quarterbacks seem to be scared of. Green Bay did address a need in the first round of the 2020 draft, as they drafted Eric Stokes out of Georgia to help solidify the secondary. If Stokes can live up to his billing, he and Alexander could become a nice duo of cornerbacks. 

This unit should finish in the middle half of the league in the overall rankings. They don’t have a lot of superstars, and once again, the offense will be called upon to carry the Packers into the postseason. Even though it doesn’t look promising, we’ll see if the Green Bay defense can step up to the challenge and become a good compliment to the strong Packer offense.