2019 NFL Season: W-L Predictions for Every Team

Posted by Aaron . on April 10, 2019 in

Here is an early look at the win/loss betting predictions for every team in the 2019 NFL season.

2019 NFL Season: W-L Predictions for Every Team

AFC East

New England Patriots

Yes, they lost some key figures in the offseason like Trey Flowers and Rob Gronkowski, and even their defensive coordinator for the second straight year, but they seem to do this reload, not rebuild thing every year. Their quarterback is still here, their head coach is still here, their offensive coordinator is still here and I bet the majority of their wins are still here. I’ll take them to win 10 games this season.

Miami Dolphins

Miami gets a new face in head coach Brian Flores, but I think this team is far from where it needs to be. I like some pieces of the team, but all in all, this team is rebuilding and might be a tanking candidate in 2019. I’ll pick them to win 3 or 4 games at most.

New York Jets

They brought in some new faces including running back, LeVeon Bell and linebacker, C.J. Mosely. These two will likely be the faces of their offense and defensive units in 2019. I think a new system relying so heavily on two new players within that system and with Adam Gase’s track record for a circus, I can’t see this team winning more than 6 games. I’ll take them to go 6-10.

Buffalo Bills

The Bills went crazy in free agency adding a ton of talent such as Cole Beasley and John Brown to better bolster their receiving corp and Frank Gore as a veteran presence in the Running Backs’ room. Adding a veteran center in Mitch Morse will also help stabilize a team that needed some levity a year ago. I like this team to go 8-8.

NFC East

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles lost Nick Foles but got back their man in Carson Wentz. They also will see a return of one of their fan favorites, Desean Jackson. In addition, it seems that the team will benefit from a more stable running game as they added Jordan Howard via trade with the Chicago Bears. I’d say this team will win 13 games.

Washington Redskins

Washington’s season is all about the success or failure of Case Keenum. He has been a league journeyman to this point, but head coach Jay Gruden can make miracles happen with mediocre quarterback play. I’ll take them to manage to get to 7-9.

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys added a lot of aging starters this season. They got back Jason Witten, signed Randall Cobb, George Iloka, and Robert Quinn. I don’t like this team as much as most. I think they go 8-8.

New York Giants

The Giants were a bad football team with some nice pieces last year. They lost Landon Collins, Odell Beckham Junior, and Olivier Vernon. They will continue to be terrible. I think they will win maybe 5 games this upcoming season.

AFC North

Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh will be fine without Antonio Brown. They will win 10 games this season, maybe more if they can figure out their running attack.

Cleveland Browns

The Browns are a hot team right now, with the additions they have signed this offseason, but let’s face it. I think they are still a middle of the pack team. Their coach and quarterback don’t have experience and that means a lot. I think they will win 7 games this season.

Baltimore Ravens

I love the signing of Mark Ingram here. The loss of Eric Weddle and C.J. Mosley will hurt though. I think the Ravens win 7 games.

Cincinnati Bengals

Until the Bengals can move away from Andy Dalton, the talent of A.J. Green is wasted. The team will win 6 games next season. There is simply too much to fix here on both sides of the ball to see much improvement from a season ago.

NFC North

Chicago Bears

The Bears played everyone tough two seasons ago and lost all but 4 games. Last season they had more turnovers, more sacks, and more consistent offensive production and won 12 games. The Packers are still too dysfunctional to win, but that won’t last long. I think the bears pounce on their opportunity to sit atop the NFC North and win 10 games this year.

Green Bay Packers

The McCarthy mess is a huge distraction. Losing Randall Cobb after seeing Jordy Nelson leave has left a dent in their receiving corp. Aaron Rodgers hasn’t had fewer weapons in his career to this point. I can’t see the new regime making a huge improvement, but Aaron Rodgers is still worth 6 wins all on his own.

Minnesota Vikings

Kirk Cousins is in year two of the three-year pioneering deal. They lost production at running back and now have Ameer Abdullah as the spell back in town. I think this team just isn’t deep enough at the critical positions to get past the hump. I think they are stuck at 9 wins.

Detroit Lions

Detroit is where careers go to die in the NFC. Until convinced otherwise, I’m not believing in this team. Matthew Stafford is terrific, but similar to A.J. Green in Cincinnati, his talents are wasted here in Detroit.
AFC South

Indianapolis Colts

Andrew Luck seems to be back and better than ever. In the offseason, the Colts gave him more weapons with their pickup of Devin Funchess. I like them to win the South this season, with 10 wins.

Houston Texans

The Texans got worse with Tyrann Mathieu leaving. I will pick them to win 8 games.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jags found their trigger man in Nick Foles, but I still think they are a ways off. I like them to win a modest 7 games.

Tennessee Titans

The Titans might be the dark horse in the AFC. They added needed quarterback depth with Ryan Tannehill. They will challenge for the division and win 9 games.

NFC South

New Orleans Saints

The Saints will continue to give Sean Payton and Drew Brees championship chances. They will win 12-14 games at least.

Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons need to reevaluate their running game after a season of disappointment. If they can put together a more balanced offense, they will win 10 games.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs are in a serious rebuild mode. I think they will win 5 games.

Carolina Panthers

Carolina has been one of the most consistent teams in football, but I think they hit a rough patch this season. Their division is too strong for them. I think they will win 8 games.

AFC West

Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers will continue to flex their muscles. They win 13 games in my book.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs and MVP, Patrick Mahomes, will stumble due to their lack of a strong defense. I think they will still win enough to get into the playoffs, with a solid 10 win season.

Denver Broncos

The Broncos did get better with a new face under center, but they are still a ways away. They have talent in the running back position, but not much else on offense. They will win 6 games.

Oakland Raiders

The Raiders are still in tank mode. They will struggle to put together 5 wins this season with all of the new faces.

NFC West

Los Angeles Rams

The Rams will continue to boast one of the most complete teams in the league and win a total of 14 games.

Seattle Seahawks

Russell Wilson will be looking for a new home after a frustrating season in Seattle. I bet they will win only 7 games.

San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers are on the rise and will win 9 games this season.

Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals are the worst team in the game, have a new head coach with no experience, and will likely have a rookie starting quarterback with little talent around him. Three, tres, a trio of wins for the Cardinals.