2019 NFL Betting Predictions for last 3 Weeks of the Season

Posted by Aaron . on December 11, 2019 in

The end of the NFL season involves a lot of scoreboard watching and crossing of the fingers hoping some teams win or lose to help your chances. Well nothing has changed this year as some of the races could look totally different when it is all said and done.

Based on remaining games and how the teams have looked over the past month here is a look at how the Postseason picture will look when the final regular season games conclude. Be sure to check back for the latest NFL Odds every week.

2019 NFL Betting Predictions for last 3 Weeks of the Season

NFC West

The NFC West is one of the most interesting races in the entire league as both the Seattle and San Francisco are 10-2. So when they play in week 17 the winner will possibly the top overall seed in the playoffs while the other will have to travel to potentially a below .500 team from the NFC East. Russell Wilson will not allow his team to lose a crucial game like this at home to determine the fate of their postseason. As a result Seattle will win the division and finish with the Two seed in the playoffs.

NFC North

Another scenario where the winner will end up with the Division crown and the other will more than likely be playing on the road in the wild card round. Week 16 will see the Packers travel to play the Vikings. The Pack have a one game lead but have a tricky schedule as the best wins they have are against the chiefs without Mahomes and the cowboys. Minnesota will be the home team and Kirk Cousins will finally justify that contract as the Vikings win and take the division.

NFC East

This division is just awful. Both teams have a losing record and will more than likely host a 10+ win team regardless of who wins the Division. Week 16 the Cowboys travel to the Eagles but Philly should not be the favorites. They have lost to the dolphins and let the Giants take them to OT over the last three weeks. Dallas can at least score the ball. Dallas will then get trounced in the first round of the playoffs.

AFC South

This one is the hardest to predict as the Titans are red hot but the texans got Embarrassed by a rookie QB at home in his second start. So you tend to lean towards the Titans but these two play twice down the stretch still. Overall i’ll take the better of the two QBs to win these games and the South so Houston is my pick for this Division winner.

AFC North

The Steelers have a chance to let the Browns and Titans back into the equation despite being two games back in part because of their tough schedule remaining. They have the Bills at home and play host to the Ravens who look to be a juggernaut. Mike Tomlin has done a great job but his luck may be running out down the stretch as his team is just out matched. Ravens win the division but the Steelers aren’t done yet.

AFC East

The house may be falling in for the Patriots but they still have a one game lead over the Bills. Week 16 these two will square off in Buffalo and Josh Allen may surprise people. He has played safe and efficiently this year and will knock off the defending champs. The Pats will still make the playoffs but they wont get their first round bye they are so used to.


  • 1-Ravens
  • 2-Chiefs
  • 3-Bills
  • 4-Texans
  • 5-Patriots
  • 6-Steelers


  • 1-Saints
  • 2-Seahawks
  • 3-Vikings
  • 4-Cowboys
  • 5-49ers
  • 6-Packers