2018 NFL Week 1 Parlay Picks

Posted by Derrick Harper on September 4, 2018 in

Parlay picks should be reserved for those picks you are most certain about. It, in essence, is a series of confidence picks. For this time, here are our most certain NFL Week 1 Betting Picks.

2018 NFL Week 1 Parlay Picks

Cincinnati Bengals +3 over Indianapolis Colts

Cincinnati is still probably a slightly above average football team and the Colts are getting better, especially now that Andrew Luck is healthy. However, the colts will be without Marlon Mack, their primary running threat from last year, for the rest of the season. That puts added pressure on Luck to create offensive production.

The Bengals just locked down their two primary pass rushers to long-term contracts. Look for them to be motivated to prove their worth and attack an offense with little star power and very few weapons for Andrew Luck. TY Hilton and Jack Doyle remain the biggest play options for the Colts offense, not exactly what Andrew Luck dreams about at night. ‘

Cincinnati also added Cordy Glenn in the offseason, which makes their running game much more consistent. They do still have A.J. Green, Joe Mixon, Gio Bernard, Tyler Eifert, and John Ross has shown flashes this offseason as well. Their offense will score points. We like Cincy to win outright.

Baltimore Ravens -7 over Buffalo Bills

Buffalo starts Nathan Peterman this week on the road in his first real NFL start. Okay, so he had a spot start last season and threw like a thousand interceptions. Anyways, it was not good. I doubt he will turn out much better in this one against a solid defensive strategy and an offense that looked good this preseason.

The Ravens don’t have much to be described as great, but they do have a lot of good pieces. Their defensive line is still solid, CJ Mosley is a plus defender at the linebacker position and Eric Weddle is still dialing up critical interceptions and excellent leadership on the back end of the field.

More than anything, we like that matchup of the Ravens defense and their veteran leadership versus Peterman and his lack of experience.

New Orleans Saints -9 over Tampa Bay Buccaneers

We love the Saints for NFL Week 1, despite being without Mark Ingram. Tampa is not a great team at this point and Drew Brees is still elite. The Saints improved their rushing attack with added movement and deception, their short passing attack is still one of the most effective in the game and Sean Payton will score points.

The Saints should be one of your picks in the 2018 NFL Week 1.

He is one of the very best in the league at creating plays that secure the ball in positive yardage scenarios in playmakers’ hands. Michael Thomas will have a huge game! All this, and on top of that, Jameis Winston is suspended.

The Bucs will struggle without their usual signal caller and his flair for the dramatic with his escapability within the pocket. Ryan Fitzpatrick just doesn’t offer the same utility. I like the Saints to cover.

Anyone of these picks can make you some money, but parlaying the bets together is an all or nothing way of thought. If each of them hits and you’ve got a parlay in play, you’re slated to make sometimes three times what you would with individual bets. A smart parlay in week one can gift you some funds for betting the rest of the season.