2018 NFL Preseason Predictions for Every Team

Posted by Aaron . on August 7, 2018 in

The 2018 NFL Preseason is just around the corner, which is why we are going to predict all 32 teams destiny. Be sure to check the latest NFL Odds right before placing your betting ticket.

2018 NFL Preseason Predictions for Every Team

Patriots continue to use limited access to their playbook, not showing off anything new, maintaining their boring, secretive persona.

Eagles will continue to show flashes using the plug and play approach, replacing their departed players with rookies and free agents, continuing their role of dominance.

Jaguars will continue to lean on Blake Bortles this year and will fall flat because of that. The defense can win championships, but dominating defense is a tough mantra to preach and to sustain.

Falcons will falter due to Julio Jones’ contract drama. The offensive juggernaut will continue to produce, but the locker room may have taken a big hit with this one.

Steelers will continue to improve and will find their new running back in James Conner. He has shown flashes of between the tackle production, but this year he steps up to show he can take the torch.

Vikings locked up their young talent for years to come and will make a run again this year. If they can beat Aaron Rodgers, the NFC North is theirs to take.

Chiefs will struggle this year without the veteran leadership of Alex Smith. Mahomes may have a cannon, but the league is built on veteran leadership in critical positions. Quarterbacks with little experience rarely do well.

Rams continue to dazzle us with further development of their quarterback and coach tandem. Looking for big things from Todd Gurley after his big payday!

Titans are another team with a ton of turnover. Their two-headed running attack may be the best, yes even better than Kamara and Ingram last year. They look to push for the division this year.

Saints will struggle to get out of the gate without Mark Ingram. They are loaded with pass catchers, even in the backfield, but without the hard running of Ingram, they will come up short in their early games.

Bills Simply put, the Bills are rebuilding. When they traded Tyrod, they traded this year’s production. Shady McCoy cannot do it alone.

Panthers will look to have a big year from Cam Newton and having the Richardson drama behind them looks to help them, but after a fast start to the season, they cannot keep it up with the toughest division in football, coming in third again to the Saints and Falcons.

Ravens will struggle again this year but have the luxury of playing in the same division as the Bengals and Browns. Rebuilding around a restructured offensive game plan. Running game is weak, and not many pass catchers of note here.

Seahawks may be better than most expect. I think Penny will be a playmaker in this league and Russell Wilson desperately needs that.

Lions, unfortunately, are just the Lions. They will finish in the bottom half of the division again, although the pass rush and the defensive-minded coach are there, the Lions can’t ever get out of their own way.

Chargers are back! Getting healthy production from Keenan Allen will breath new life into their offense. Their defense is going to impress- two premier edge rushers and a safety known for ball hawking.

Cowboys How ‘bout them Cowboys? I have these guys finishing second in their division and taking a wildcard spot. Dak and Zeke will do their thing in Big “D”.

Bengals continue to fall down the ladder of power rankings. Losing Jeremy Hill hurts this team. They relied on production he didn’t give them last year. Giovanni Bernard is not every down workhorse and Andy Dalton is not the quarterback to survive without a solid running attack.

Cardinals will bounce back with David Johnson back and healthy. Larry Fitzgerald never seems to age either. These two leaders will help develop a young QB in Josh Rosen into a serviceable starter

Raiders are a mess in my opinion. They have a great quarterback, wide receiver and edge rusher, but dysfunction seems to want to live here. The ridiculous contract to their head coach and the distractions of Vegas calling them home may be enough to derail the team altogether.

Packers will come close, but short of dethroning the Vikings in the division. Lack of running game and depth at key positions eventually cost this team from making a solid run.

Dolphins lost Suh and possibly their last superstar in Jarvis Landry this offseason. Cameron Wake is great, but this team says underachiever on both sides of the ball to me.

Redskins get Alex Smith and if he stays healthy, could propel them to, well another mediocre season. Creative offensive play calling can win them some games, but I doubt they compete with Philly and they probably split their games with Dallas.

Broncos will go as far as Case Keenum can take them. Unfortunately, I don’t think this team has the supporting cast necessary for Keenum to take them very far at all.

The Broncos need to answer several questions during the 2018 NFL Preseason.

49ers will be a team to watch next season. Jimmy G can become a superstar with a great season to follow his 5-0 run last year, but do they have the playmakers on the team? A sub-par division looks to inflate their regular season record, but they still fall short, as they cannot compete with the Rams.

Jets will struggle due to a lack of offensive firepower. Even with Darnold, this team will not have a supporting cast to make a splash.

Bucs are once again hampered by being in the best division in football. They will finish last in the division again.

Colts are a mess… Andrew Luck’s uncertainty and the fact that they have a first-time head coach is troublesome. This team will finish close to the bottom end again.

Bears may actually start to figure things out. They have pieces that can make a difference if utilized. Tarik Cohen, Anthony Miller, Tyler Gabrielle, Allen Robinson, and Jordan Howard may be enough to hide the blemishes in Trubisky’s game until he develops into what a #2 overall pick should be.

Texans will bounce back. They have a lot of talent on a team that is a quarterback away from the playoffs. They are my bet to win the division behind Watson. Look for #4 to have a rebound year from that ACL.

Giants are an aging team with minimal superstars and a new coach. I like their tight end and I like their rookie running back, but aside from OBJ, they have no other playmaker that is a true gamechanger.

Browns are almost amateurish to this point. The GM has been more aggressive in becoming a contender now, but their time still isn’t here. They are improving, but they are still several years away.