2016 NFL Preason Week 1 Odds

Posted by Aaron . on August 2, 2016 in

In just about a couple weeks, the NFL preseason games will kick off — which means that for many betting fans, the biggest season of the year is beginning. Preseason odds are a little different — you won’t see many starters. For some teams, you won’t see any starters at all, particularly at the skill positions. So let’s take a look at some NFL betting picks — with a grain of salt. Home teams are in all caps.

Take a Look at the 2016 NFL Preason Week 1 Odds

SAN DIEGO (-4) over Dallas (36) (Saturday, August 13)

I know what you’re thinking. But Dez! Tony! Ezekiel Elliott! Those are all members of the Cowboys. We will probably see Elliott, but the other two will probably sit this one out as the coaching staff wants to evaluate the bottom of the depth chart. That means lots of Dak Prescott and Kellen Moore at quarterback. Oh, and that Cowboys defense? Don’t expect much in the way of a pass rush. Who’s the current career leader at sacks among the players who are eligible? Orlando Scandrick, at 9. He’s a cornerback. So I like the Chargers to overcome a Cowboys team that generally treats the preseason like a garage sale. Oh, and that over/under total? I’m going to go under. I see this being something like a 17-10 Charger win

CHICAGO (-1) over Miami (Saturday, August 13)

For this game, it’s all about coaching preparation. I think that John Fox will come into the first week of the preseason better prepared than Adam Gase. This is not a knock against Gase. Fox has taken two different teams to Super Bowls, while Gase still has to make his mark. The Bears are on the rise as far as building a winning culture, and the Dolphins are still starting over.

BUFFALO (-3) over Carolina (Sunday, August 14)

The Panthers are likely to still have that Super Bowl hangover going a bit into the regular season, let alone the preseason. The Bills are as likely as not to get up for this game, driven by that Rex Ryan bombast. So I see the Bills coming out all gung-ho while the Panthers are trying to evaluate their new depth chart for the season. In this first week of pre-season, though, all of the starters should be out by halftime as the string plays out.

SEATTLE (-4.5) over Denver (Sunday, August 14)

The Denver Broncos will be trying out their quarterback tandem of Mark Sanchez and Paxton Lynch. Sanchez is just a dumpster fire waiting to happen, as I see turnover city coming Denver’s way this year. Lynch is an interesting talent, but playing for the University of Memphis is a lot different from facing the Legion of Boom. I see the Seahawks winning this one going away.

INDIANAPOLIS (+5) over Philadelphia (Tuesday, August 16)

I see Andrew Luck getting a series or two for the Colts before giving way to Matt Hasselbeck and the rest of the Colts’ depth chart. The Eagles have Sam Bradford and Carson Wentz, so really two enigmas for the Birds while the Colts have two fairly reliable passing options, assuming Luck is healthy after missing so much of last season. I like the Colts to win this one.