2016 NFL Divisional Winners Betting Predictions

2016 NFL Divisional Winners Betting Predictions

Written by on August 22, 2016

One of the more popular NFL betting props is to bet on which team will win each of the eight divisions in the league. Pro football teams have a lower probability of making the playoffs than their counterparts in vthe NHL and the NBA, as only 12 of the 32 teams (eight division winners and four wild card winners) make it into the postseason. If you can figure out which teams will take their division titles, you can make some prop money along the way.

Here’s a Look at the 2016 NFL Divisional Winners Betting Predictions

NFC East

Dallas (12-4), Washington (9-7), Philadelphia (8-8), New York Giants (6-10) Dallas might have the best offensive line in the entire NFL. They helped Darren McFadden (of all people) get over 1,000 yards last year, and this year they have veteran talent in Alfred Morris as well as rookie sensation Ezekiel Elliott to carry the ball. With Tony Romo at the helm and Dez Bryant catching passes, this will be a special offense. But can they get stops?

NFC North

Minnesota (11-5), Green Bay (10-6), Chicago (8-8), Detroit (5-11) Green Bay will enter this season with revenge on their minds after losing all four of their divisional home games a year ago. However, I think that the Vikings will have another solid year from both Teddy Bridgewater and Adrian Peterson, while the Minnesota defense will still be the best in the division.

NFC West

Arizona (13-3), Seattle (11-5), Los Angeles (7-9), San Francisco (3-13) Will Carson Palmer live down the whipping he took from Carolina in the NFC championship? I think so — he’s overcome a lot of adversity to become one of the league’s elite quarterbacks. Since Bruce Arians showed up in the desert, he’s coached the Cardinals to win, week in and week out.

NFC South

Carolina (14-2), Atlanta (12-4), Tampa Bay (9-7), New Orleans (4-12) The Falcons will have a better defense than they did last year, but they won’t get by the Panthers at this point. Cam Newton is still improving as a quarterback, and that Panther D might have gotten slightly outplayed in the Super Bowl, but that will just push them to improve.

AFC East

New England (11-5), New York Jets (10-6), Miami (8-8), Buffalo (6-10) Could the Jets push by New England and win? Yes, if the Pats go 0-4 with Jimmy Garoppolo as the starter during Tom Brady’s DeflateGate suspension. Ryan Fitzpatrick is a steady hand on offense, and the Jets have a solid secondary. But as it stands, I don’t think the Jets can go by New England so long as they win two of those first four.

AFC North

Cincinnati (10-6), Pittsburgh (9-7), Baltimore (9-7), Cleveland (7-9) Given the fact that Ben Roethlisberger will be a year older and that the Steelers have some key suspensions at skill positions, I like the Bengals to repeat as winners of the AFC North — and to go further than a single game into the playoffs. Andy Dalton has looked sharp in preseason play so far and should lead Cincinnati as well as he did last year.

AFC West

Oakland (10-6), Kansas City (10-6), Denver (9-7), San Diego (3-13) The Chiefs don’t have the playmaking flair that Oakland has, the Chargers look like a senior league team in the preseason, and the Broncos might be starting Trevor Siemian at quarterback, as Mark Sanchez has been dreadful. The time is right for the Greatness to return.

AFC South

Indianapolis (11-5), Jacksonville (9-7), Houston (8-8), Tennessee (6-10) This is the messiest pick, because we don’t know how well Andrew Luck will play, we don’t know how that Tennessee offense will be able to offset some bad defense, and we don’t know how Brock Osweiler will fit in Houston. But I like Luck to return from his injuries and lead a talented Colt squad to the division crown.