NCAAB Betting News

The latest NCAAB betting news and headlines, game and team analysis, tournament previews, predictions and other college football information, exclusively provided by The Madness is almost here and you can find all news related to the annual college tournament and even check out the odds to win the 2016 NCAA Championship, with Michigan State as the favorite with +600, followed by Kansas with +700 and the Tar Heels at +800.

Texas Tech vs Michigan State March Madness Odds & Expert Prediction

If you want the wonderful anarchy of a crazy and unpredictable first weekend, you might have to settle for later rounds with more than their share of lopsided matchups and consequent blowouts. In turn, a by-the-numbers opening weekend by all rights ought to lead to the best basketball of the season, as 16 superior teams […]

Updated 2019 NCAAB Championship Odds – March 20th Edition

The Blue Devils opened with 11/5 odds on Selection Sunday, Gonzaga and North Carolina followed with 5/1 and 6/1 odds, respectively. For added perspective at how quickly the window can close, Last season’s champion, Villanova, is listed at 50/1 odds. Let’s check the current NCAAB Championship Odds. Updated 2019 NCAAB Championship Odds – March 20th […]

Top 2019 March Madness Betting Predictions of the Week – March 18th

It’s here! The big dance! The NCAA Tournament, 2019 March Madness has arrived. Let’s take a look for all you NCAAB Betting enthusiasts. Top 2019 March Madness Betting Predictions of the Week – March 18th Great message for our young men postgame from @JimKelly1212 #UBhornsUP — UB Men’s Basketball (@UBmenshoops) 20 de febrero de […]

Unranked Teams that Could Become 2019 March Madness Betting Darlings

As we get closer and closer to the 2019 March Madness, we all want to know what teams could make us or break us when it comes to the hidden gems of bracketology. Unranked teams could be just the ticket we need to make a push for the office pool. Here are some of those […]

Betting predictions and key numbers for 2019 March Madness

UMBC and Loyola-Chicago showed what they could do in the 2018 NCAA tournament. The former pulled off a historic upset of No. 1 Virginia as the No. 16 seed while the latter, with Sister Jean in tow, made it all the way to the Final Four as an 11 seed. Here’s a look at this […]

Five Bold Predictions for 2019 March Madness

Here is our look at some of the top predictions we like for the 2019 March Madness. Be sure to check the latest NCAAB Odds. Five Bold Predictions for 2019 March Madness Devonaire Doutrive at the BUZZER! 🚨 @APlayersProgram — NCAA March Madness (@marchmadness) 1 de marzo de 2019 Michigan will get into the […]

Handicapping Tips for the 2019 College Basketball Championship

In the most basic form, handicapping sports is assigning an advantage to two teams or participants in a sporting event. Sportsbooks, when they set odds, are handicapping the game. The goal as a sports bettor is to try and spot inefficiencies in the odds. The ultimate goal as a sports handicapper is to profit off […]

Top NCAA Basketball Betting Picks of the Week – December 11th

As we’re entering the final few weeks before conference play begins, the NCAA Basketball Betting favorites to win it all are trying to pad their win total by playing weaker non-conference opponents. Up until Saturday, there are very few top matchups. But come Saturday, that all changes and some of the powerhouses from the top conferences […]

Top NCAA Basketball Betting Picks of the Week – December 4th

NCAA Basketball Betting action is in full swing. Other than the Big 10, we haven’t gotten to the conference season as of yet. However, there are some very intriguing matchups this week. We will see some rivalry games that are usually highly contested. As we’re leading up to the conference season, let’s take a look […]

Early 2019 College Basketball Betting Predictions

The NCAAB season has come to an end. What that means – College Basketball betting enthusiasts will start looking for the next season and look at some of the favorites to place their bets. Future bets allow bettors to place wagers on who they think will win the national title. Let’s take a look at […]