Ten NCAA Football games with the highest stakes in 2018

Posted by Derrick Harper on June 13, 2018 in

The College Football season is set to be another fantastic one, with some excellent games. There are some great games with high stakes, and we want you to be aware of them now. Let’s take a look at the Top 10 NCAA Football games with the highest stakes for the 2018 season.

Ten NCAA Football games with the highest stakes in 2018

10. Notre Dame at USC – November 24th, 2018

Why wouldn’t this game be on the list? This is always a battle between these two teams that frankly do not like each other. The game is in Southern California, and the Trojans are projected to be one of the top teams in the nation. Can the Irish ruin their postseason plans with a win on the road?

9. Clemson at Florida State – October 27, 2018

A huge Atlantic Coast Conference battle at the end of October. If the conference was played on paper, these two teams would be the best two teams. Of course, the season is not played on paper. Florida State is looking for a huge bounce-back season, while Clemson is looking to keep things status quo is an elite title program.

8. Ohio State at Penn State – September 29, 2018

If the Nittany Lions are going to have a chance to win the Big Ten East, they better win this game at home. These two teams, along with Michigan, and even Michigan State are going to be battling it out to see who plays Wisconsin in the Big Ten title game, most likely. James Franklin and his Nittany Lions are on the cusp.

7. Auburn vs. Washington – September 1, 2018

Anytime a SEC team plays a Pac-12 team to start the season, there is a lot on the line. Both teams have aspirations of making a charge at the College Football Playoff. Losing your first game is not the end of the world, but makes it tough to have to run the table from that point on.

6. Oklahoma vs. Texas – October 6, 2018

The Red River Rivalry is in Dallas, and both teams are going to hyped up and ready to go. The first Saturday in October, who knows where these teams will be sitting. The Sooners are still the team to beat in the Big 12 – but Tom Herman is ready to change that.

5. Michigan at Notre Dame – September 1, 2018

There is a lot at stake for this game, but there may not be a more heated rivalry to start the 2018 season than this one. Michigan at Notre Dame is going to get all the media and all the attention. This should be fun, and two teams looking to paint their path to a national title.

4. Auburn at Georgia – November 10, 2018

This could very easily be one of the games with the highest stakes of the season. These two SEC powerhouses are going to be in the mix when push comes to shove. It will be interesting to see the path Georgia teams from building on their trip to the national title game.

3. Ohio State at Michigan State – November 10, 2018

If things go like we think they might – the Buckeyes are going to have quite the month of November. Going to East Lansing with the weather a little cooler will be an interesting task for Urban Meyer’s squad.

2. Michigan at Ohio State – November 24, 2018

As we were saying earlier – Ohio State is going to have quite the month of November. No matter what the records are – this game is always a high stakes affair.

Michigan is one of the best NCAA Football programs.

Is this the season that Coach Harbaugh finally knocks down the Big Ten doors?

1. Auburn at Alabama – November 24, 2018

Do we even have to talk about how big this game is and always has been? If both teams are in the hunt, look out. It’s more than likely that whichever team has the edge for a chance at the national title, will lose in this game. That’s how the Iron Bowl plays out more than not.

There is a look at the Top 10 NCAA Football games with the highest stakes for the 2018 season. There are some great games on this list, and we are looking forward to those games. Best of luck with all your NCAA Football Betting!