Gamecocks Face Divisional Foes Texas A&M in Week 9 NCAAF Betting

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South Carolina’s defensive players took questions this week about their pending matchup with Texas A&M, and the questions came about how the team would handle an Aggie offense that often moves at warp speed, throwing the ball well before pass rushers can show up to bother the quarterback.

South Carolina vs Texas A&M Game Information

Date/Time: Saturday, October 31, 12:00 PM
Location: Kyle Field, College Station, Texas
TV: SEC Network
NCAAF Betting Odds: Texas A&M -16½

Of course, if you’ve watched film of the Aggie losses to Ole Miss and Alabama, you know that neither of those claims is exactly true, particularly this season. The Aggies just don’t run that many quick snaps anymore. The team generally won’t huddle, but they run up to the line of scrimmage before players stand up to take a look at the sideline, a tactic that South Carolina uses as well. The Aggies did muster some fast stretches against Ole Miss, but that’s not their game by and large. That’s why the Aggies just rank 45th in plays run per game.

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The Aggies also don’t have offensive linemen that are quicker than the defenders trying to rush the passer. Quarterback Kyle Allen is holding onto the ball a bit long, which is why the Aggie quarterback took eight sacks against Ole Miss – and 21 total on the season, good for the #113 ranking in the nation going on a per-game average. They do throw a lot, and they have faced teams with solid pass rushes, which pushes that average up, but this could be an area in which the Gamecocks could make some hay. When Alabama sacked Allen six times, four of those sacks happened when there were only four (or fewer) men rushing the quarterback on the snap.

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Alabama and Ole Miss also had luck pushing the Aggies around on the line of scrimmage, particularly the Ole Miss defensive line and the Crimson Tide offensive line. So you might think that that touted talent in College Station isn’t quite as good as it was supposed to be in the press. However, freshman tackle Daylon Mack will blow through the line of scrimmage if you’re not watching. Defensive end Daeshon Hall can zip around the best tackles in the nation. Myles Garrett is one of the best athletes in the SEC, a likely first overall pick in the draft. On defense, the Aggies only rank #50 in yards per play. There is some talent on the squad, but the linebackers are the weak link.

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The Aggie receivers will make life interesting for the Cover-2 that South Carolina runs. Ricky Seals-Jones and Josh Reynolds run the outside and are tall and fast, while Christian Kirk is a magnet in the slot. South Carolina gives up a lot of passes underneath, and all three of these receivers could wreak havoc. Even though sacks have reduced the yards per carry for the Aggies, they do show efficiency carrying the ball, particularly when their quarterback or a backup tailback (not Tra Carson) is carrying the ball.