Complete NCAA Football Betting Guide for Week 2

Complete NCAA Football Betting Guide for Week 2

Written by on July 13, 2016

It’s never too early to start planning your college football betting, and we stand ready to help you with our insight on the second week of action in the NCAA. Take a look at our complete betting guide for the FBS action that we think is most likely to help you plump up that wallet of yours. Week 2 is generally a cupcake week for a lot of the Power 5 conference teams. A lot of them will open with tough games, such as that Wisconsin-LSU tilt at Lambeau Field, but then they take it easy the second week, fine-tuning the process and getting ready to enter conference play. So until the lines come out for some of these games (and some of them will be immense), we’re focusing on some of the more competitive matchups that you’ll find.

Here’s a Closer Look at my Complete NCAA Football Week 2 Betting Guide

SMU at #13 Baylor (Saturday, 3:30pm ET)

Now, before you take me to task for what looks like a cupcake game, this is a competitive matchup masquerading as a cupcake game — which means you could make a killing. Last year, SMU kept this game close until halftime, and then Baylor put their foot on the gas. But look what’s happened to the Bears — their entire university got rocked by a sexual assault scandal involving their football team. Their university president, athletic director and head coach are gone in disgrace. Quarterback Jarrett Stidham has transferred out. So if you can find a big line here in Baylor’s advantage, you might consider taking the Mustangs. They were within 5 points of TCU in the fourth quarter last year, and their defense this year — which was the weaker side of the team last year — is said to be much improved.

Maine at Toledo (Saturday, 7:00pm ET)

Toledo was one of the more competitive schools in the MAC last year, while Maine generally doesn’t get any press unless they are in the Frozen Four of the NCAA hockey playoffs. Take a look at the opening lines here — Toledo had a powerful offense last year, and given that their set is scheme-based, I like them to plug in some new contributors and keep things humming. If there’s a close line on this one, I’m taking Toledo here.

Arkansas at #7 TCU (Saturday, 7:00pm ET)

Arkansas really frustrated a lot of teams last year — especially when playing on the road. The Horned Frogs were riddled with injuries on defense, which kept them from being competitive, especially when they had to meet Baylor, Oklahoma State and Oklahoma late in the season. Arkansas returns fresh with their offensive contributors in place. I think TCU will win this one, but I don’t think it will be by much. If you find a line of 7 or more, I take Arkansas in a heartbeat here.