College Football Betting Favorites That Can Frustrate Bettors this Season

Posted by Peter Boysen on August 12, 2016 in

College football betting challenges those who want to make money, as the lines often exceed than what you see in NFL games, and the simple fact that you’re relying on kids who haven’t been away from home for more than a few years to win games for you means that, in crunch time, the unexpected happens a lot more often than it does in the pro game. So we’ve put together a list of favorites that could end up laying some eggs for you.

College Football Betting Favorites That Can Frustrate Bettors this Season


If Baker Mayfield goes down for the Sooners, when head coach Bob Stoops looks to the bench for backup Trevor Knight, he won’t be there — because he transferred to Texas A&M to fill the vacancy there. Without Mayfield, the Sooners will really struggle to move the ball. Even with Mayfield, the offense has shown a tendency to stall now and then, which is why the Sooners almost lost to Tennessee early in the season and is what kept them from staying with Clemson in the national semifinal last season. I think that the Sooners are set up to be upset in Week 1, as they face the Houston Cougars down at Reliant Stadium. Oklahoma is favored by 10, but the Cougars are the best Group of 5 program and will be ready to deliver a statement, making that spread awfully big. Once the Sooners run into TCU and Oklahoma State in conference play once again, they could find themselves behind the eight-ball as well.


The Wolverines are currently sitting at 7-1 odds in many books to win the national championship — and they still don’t know who their starting quarterback is. Their rushing offense has some potential, but they don’t even have the best offensive line in their division, let alone their conference. When they needed big time offense in the clutch last year, they just couldn’t get it, and I don’t see what they’ve added to make them favorites at the level they are. I think that they could lose to Michigan State, Iowa AND Ohio State if they’re not careful, and some of those huge spreads they have (such as in their Hawaii matchup) could turn into traps for bettors as well.


This is another Week 1 tale that could end up in big losses for bettors. The Tigers head to Wisconsin favored by 10 points, but this team really struggled to move the ball down the stretch last year. It’s not like all-world running back Leonard Fournette suffered fro injuries or anything. Instead, opposing teams loaded the box with eight or nine defenders and would dare the Tigers to pass the ball, and too often quarterback Brandon Harris and the wide receiving corps could not complete the task. That’s how the Arkansas Razorbacks went to LSU last fall and delivered a shocking rout. So if the Tigers struggle to move the ball, you might want to stay away from them.