NCAAF Betting: What to Expect from Football Season

Posted by Aaron . on August 4, 2020 in

One of the things that sports fans could always count on in late summer was the start of the college football season. The season always kicked off in late August or early September with some marquee early season matchups. Unfortunately, we won’t be seeing that this year, as the COVID-19 pandemic has caused some delays to the start of the college football season. Let’s take a look at the current plan to start the season so you can set down your bets against their NCAA odds.

What to Expect from NCAA Football Season

Not only has the Coronavirus caused delays to the start of the season, it has also caused massive schedule changes. So, you may be asking yourself, “what will the college football season actually look like?”

As of now, we’re just hoping that there is a season. With voluntary workouts starting in early July, many teams have been hit by positive tests. Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, Michigan State, Boise State, Central Florida, Texas, and Kansas State, just to name a few, have had to shut down workouts. If these results came from voluntary workouts, what will happen when more students are on campus, and the whole team has to report for practice?

The Power 5 conferences have led the trend to cut down on the number of games, and play very few, if any, non-conference games. The Big 10 got the ball rolling by announcing that it would only play conference games. The Big 10 will begin its season on September 4th. The Pac-12 was next to follow suit, and will only play conference games beginning on September 26th.

The ACC was the next domino to fall, as it announced that the conference would play an 11 game schedule, allowing Notre Dame to enter the conference for one year. The first game will kick off on September 7th. The SEC will also play a conference-only schedule, and will start on September 26th. The Big 12 was the last Power 5 conference to make a decision, and will play 10 conference games, and one non-conference opponent.

The Power 5 will still play conference title games, but with the delay to the start of the season, these games will extend into mid-December. The Pac-12 and the SEC will play their championship games the weekend of December 18th. By doing this, this will cause some changes to the bowl system in the FBS.

A lack of leadership has caused many issues with the upcoming college football season. The NCAAF has yet to take a leadership role, and has allowed the conferences to determine which direction to take. The conferences will try to play as much football as possible because many athletic programs are funded for the whole year by the college football season. If there is no college football, many college athletic programs will be in financial peril.

While the season may start, we’re not sure that it will come to a completion. One positive test could lead to an outbreak among the team. If this were to happen on a Friday, and then two teams played on a Saturday, this could have season-long implications on a conference. Just look at what a few positive tests have done to the Major League Baseball season.

Regardless of whether or not the season gets completed, this won’t be the college football that we’re used to. We won’t be seeing stadiums with 100,000 screaming fans,the band playing the school fight song, or the roar of the crowd after a huge scoring play. Although the product on the field may still be the same, the atmosphere that makes college football so special won’t be what we want it to be. College football may make an appearance in 2020, but it will only be a shadow of it’s true self.