Why Bet on Alabama to Win the 2018 NCAAF Championship?

Posted by Aaron . on January 2, 2018 in

There are several reasons to bet on the Alabama Crimson Tide to win the NCAAF Championship on Monday. The game will be played in Atlanta, which is about 120 miles further from Atlanta than Athens Georgia is – but that will make very little difference as the Crimson Tide will draw very well.

Why Bet on Alabama to Win the 2018 NCAAF Championship?

The head coach at Alabama is Nick Saban, and he is seeking his sixth national title as a head coach, and 5th at Alabama. The head coach led the LSU Tigers to the BCS National title back in 2003 and has won titles at Alabama in 2009, 2011 and 2012, and the College Football Playoff back in 2015. This the third straight season he has been in the title game, as the Tide lost to Clemson last January.

While the Alabama Crimson Tide do not have the running back core that their opponent the Georgia Bulldogs have – they can get it done on the ground as well. Damien Harris and Bo Scarborough. Harris is the leading running back, but Scarborough is going to get plenty of looks at the NFL level. The Crimson Tide run the football for nearly 256 yards per game.

Jalen Hurts is the quarterback for Alabama, and the guy knows how to manage a game and take care of the football. Hurts only threw for 2,020 yards and 17 touchdowns on the season, but his ability to move the chains and not turn the football over makes him tough to beat. The Alabama passing game threw for less than 200 yards per game, but the big opportunity was something the Crimson Tide took advantage of in the passing game.

Alabama comes in as the favorite to win the 2018 NCAAF Championship.

The defense of the Crimson Tide ranks among the best in college football. Alabama played 13 games this season, and 10 of them they held the opponent to less than 20 points. The Crimson Tide finished as the top defensive team in all of College Football, as they allowed just 11.5 points per game.

Final Expert Analysis

The key matchup in this game is the Alabama defense against the run game of the Georgia Bulldogs. The Crimson Tide looked much better against Clemson than it did to finish the season. Injuries played a huge role in the Crimson Tide struggles. Saban will certainly make sure he has an idea on how to slow down the combination of Chubb and Michel, something that the Oklahoma Sooners could not do.

The Alabama Crimson Tide have an excellent chance to win this game. There is a reason that the Crimson Tide are the favorites to win this game. Despite not being a conference champion, something has us thinking the Crimson Tide will end up the national champions. It should be a great NCAAF Championship Game on Monday!