5 Fearless College Football Betting Predictions for SEC in 2018

Posted by Aaron . on August 16, 2018 in

With the smell of football in the air, nothing gets my heart pounding like College Football Betting action. Fight songs, intense, often personal rivalries, the College Gameday crew, the pageantry, the tailgating, the trash talk, the pressure of going undefeated, and all that yelling at the television- yeah, it’s my favorite time of the year!

With college football starting up though, we have to talk about college football’s most talked about conference, the SEC. Here are some bold NCAAF betting predictions for 2018.

5 Fearless College Football Betting Predictions for SEC in 2018

Auburn upsets Alabama for the West title

Auburn has arguably the best quarterback in the SEC this year in Jarrett Stidham and Gus Malzahn has always had his teams ready to play in big games. It will be a tough feat considering they play Georgia and Alabama on the road this year.

Ryan Davis has the potential to be the best wide receiver in the conference and this offense’s consistency to reload at the running back position is something of a marvel. Look for this team to upset the apple cart and overtake the defending national champs to become the top College Football Betting favorite to win it all.

Are the Gators Back?

With a new coach, Dan Mullens at the helm, look for the gators to bounce back and reclaim their traditional spot atop the SEC East.

This team was full of holes and lacked discipline early on in 2017, but they still held their own with then head coach Jim Mcelwain, beating Kentucky, Vanderbuilt, and Tennessee and keeping it within one score against the likes of LSU, South Carolina, and Texas A & M. The team rebuilds with a new leader and I expect them to be back in contention for the East title.

Missouri Finds a way

I feel like Missouri quarterback Drew Lock has what it takes to contend for the Eastern division and possibly dethrone Georgia. I expect him to lead the nation in total passing yards and completions, but will his play alone be enough to push for the East?

Georgia falls Back

Without the combined production of Nick Chubb, Sony Michel, and Javon Wims, their offense will sputter. Having a freshman quarterback didn’t hurt them as much as it could have because of these three guys and their consistent productivity. Without them, I think Jake Fromm starts showing his inexperience.

Georgia is one of the College Football Betting favorites to win it all.

Kirby Smart put together a great recruiting class and is considered a great defensive mind, but it is the offense that will be needed to offset some of these high powered quarterbacks in this league.

New coach, new era: Not so Fast

Arkansas, Ole Miss, and Tennessee all replaced coaches from 2017. I expect all three of these teams to feature a losing record on their way to a total rebuild. It’s tough to call out any SEC team, but these teams have historically had success, even within the conference, but I expect them to struggle.

Patience is usually in abundance with new coaches, but the SEC is a win now league. I don’t know how long each program can be underperforming without being the talk of the town, and not in a good way.

Last 10 SEC Champions

  • 2017: Georgia Bulldogs
  • 2016: Alabama Crimson Tide
  • 2015: Alabama Crimson Tide
  • 2014: Alabama Crimson Tide
  • 2013: Auburn Tigers
  • 2012: Alabama Crimson Tide
  • 2011: LSU Tigers
  • 2010: Auburn Tigers
  • 2009: Alabama Crimson Tide
  • 2008: Florida Gators