Updated NCAA Basketball Odds

Updated NCAA Basketball Odds

Written by on March 7, 2016

With March Madness right around the corner, it’s time to take another look at the latest NCAAB online betting odds for each of the contenders to win the whole shebang. This is a season that lacks a truly dominant team, so the odds will keep shifting — making your choice even more difficult.

Updated NCAA Basketball Odds


Michigan State, Kansas (+500)

Here’s a question — since Michigan State didn’t even win their own conference, why are their odds so much better than Indiana (+3300)? Indiana did not have a strong first half of the season, but they went on an absolute tear in the second half of Big Ten conference play. A lot of times, those teams on streaks keep on going, all the way — but then sometimes they don’t.Michigan State is a team that started out a little shaky, but they have been mostly solid throughout all of Big Ten play. Their #2 seed in the conference tournament gives them the same double bye that Indiana has, so they’ll be well rested by the time someone shows up on their doorstep.Kansas is not as flashy as Oklahoma, but they just keep winning — 12 Big 12 titles in a row. So this consistency — so rare in this NCAA basketball season — has the oddsmakers picking them.

North Carolina (+900)

I’m staying away from UNC in March Madness betting, personally. That loss at Notre Dame, that home win they coughed to Duke, this just all smacks of inconsistency. I could see them coughing up another big one early in the tournament as well.

Kentucky (+1000)

I still think that Kentucky is ready to go on a tear in March Madness. John Calipari builds his teams for tournament play, not the long haul of the regular season. The defensive fogs that seem to overtake this team could be costly, but I think that once they are in a bracket and start playing, they will find the stops that they have gotten in their biggest wins.

Oklahoma, Villanova (+1200)

Villanova is another team that could steamroll their way to a title. That loss to Xavier doesn’t bother me one bit. Villanova is in a tough conference, and Xavier is another really solid team. On a neutral court, though, I would take Villanova every time.Oklahoma started out on fire and showed some inconsistency in Big 12 play. That doesn’t mean that they couldn’t go back on a hot streak, though, so watch them in their conference tournament.Now, here are the rest of the contenders:Virginia +1400Maryland, Duke +2000Iowa, Wisconsin +2500Miami +2800Arizona, Wichita State, Oregon, Iowa State, West Virginia, Cal, Indiana +3300Texas, Purdue, Connecticut +4000Texas A&M, LSU, Providence, Utah +6600Notre Dame +7500